Ugly Side of Beauty Pageants

Pageants’ Glamour and The Shadows Behind

In every story, there are sides that progress on – the good and the bad; the happy and the sad. Through the camera lens or wondrous eyes, pageants radiate colors so glamorous you wonder just how much it would take to be one of them – exuding confidence without effort, taking attention where they stand. In the bright lights, one fails to notice the shadow that dances with the music of beauty – taking it into its claws, turning things rather ugly.


But the shadow is smart enough to stay hidden. Not well enough to be unnoticed 100% but good enough to defend its reason and convince the public of its undeniable genius. One may see its claws, but their threatening sharpness allows only the brave (and perhaps stubborn) to step up and unmask it with the light of fair play and concrete confidentialities in a competition that should not have its competitors pay for what they should not be paying with what should not be used to pay.

The shadow is of power. He may even have a throne of gold. And his little, charmingly cruel escapades run rampant in the little, humble places we call towns, or even cities – somewhere local. Where the jurisdiction for projects and community programs lie in their power, they see a gaping hole where they can reach out and grab their chosen ‘Barbie Doll’ and put her out there to play. The chance for fame is theirs – all it took was a tiny slip of the hand or of the body to where the shadow wants ‘Barbie Doll’s’ hand and body to be.

Woman: Ambition and Gold

A woman often wishes to be admired and adored in a perfectly sewn gown as she wears a nice pair of high-heeled shoes that make her walk more confidently like she owned the world;in a crown she looks expensive and that makes her feel good. Include the chance for a career, the opportunity for a future where she can use her being beautiful; her being an exceptional model to achieve her dreams and the dreamer is sold. “I’ll make you a beauty queen”, the shadow would say and he does (well, he tries) – for a price much pricier than gold.

Achievement of a Woman; Fulfillment of a Secret

When those who create opportunities and open slots into the achievement of a woman’s dream in a little locality uses the opportunities and slots they create for the fulfillment of their secret (but obvious) desires, the bright lights are not enough to hide away the pieces of freedom that is taken away as their victims’ eyes lose their innocence. In truth, if you just watch a little more closely, you can almost see and even feel the acceptance of surrender to the puppeteers that run AND fund the show.

Before pageants were big, they were small. And in the small towns (and even cities), the shadow is not the only shadow that prowls in its shiny car and expensive Rolex – searching for the next ‘Barbie Doll’, anticipating for the perfect timing, designing the perfect show: masterfully weaving the beauty until the ugly owns her soul.

Author: gaucallantajr

Gau Callanta Jr. is a beauty pageant walk and talk trainer. He teaches proper walking posture, speed & ambiance, head & eye movements, stage strategies, and on how to answer pageant questions. Contact him for training (Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.) or purchase his PDF pageant question and answer reviewer and manual by texting at (+63) 920 236 7033 or at (+63) 956 864 3925