Portraits and Images | Words and Symbols | as Pageant Questions

These are local beauty pageant questions focusing on interpreting pictures or giving meaning to things and to what they symbolizes.

Portraits and Images


This Church of __________ reminds us that in every success that our town enjoys, we do not forget the One who gave it all to us- God. We are a very religious people. The church is the eyewitness to that. Despite the success we have, despite the achievements and accomplishments we have garnered, we find God worthy of our praise through this building.



The Park is a nice place where we can take our visitors from other places or countries to share the relaxing and comfortable aura of the plaza and this might move or cause visitors especially entrepreneurs to consider investing in our place. The soothing atmosphere in the plaza- especially in the evening completes my day. Seeing it is a pleasurable sight for me.

Municipal Buildings

The municipal building is the central commerce of (state the place). This is the Control Center of the town and because of that it is the most important building. This is where our city officials, our beloved councilors, vice mayor, and mayor do the planning for a better and progressive (state the place).

Senior Citizen Building

The Senior Citizen Building is the manifestation of the preserved Filipino culture of the people of (state the place). That is, to give due respect and reverence to our elders.

Police Station

The presence of police station is a proof that San Fabian is a place where peace and security is a hundred percent thumbs up. A place where one can stay and live safely: an expression of people’s love for peace and order making the town, a town of democracy.

Sports Center

(State the place) is not only a place for resort and beaches but also encompasses people who are sports-minded and because of that we have the sport center to cater the need of the people who would love to be physically fit.

People of (certain place)

This/ that photograph perfectly portrays us, (name of the people). Yes, we, people of (name of town), are a happy people. We are as sweet as a fresh (name of delicacy/product), beautiful as our plaza, as clean as our riverbanks and as great as (name of town) itself. It is a great honor to be a citizen of (name of the people).


That is a very beautiful sunset. Another spectacular event which also signifies a beautiful thing that needs to be seen after a long, tiring and hard day. Despite the problems and predicaments, we face, the beautiful sunset means repose or time to relax given to us by our Creator from a tiring and saturating day.

Rice Fields

This/ that picture depicts the very essence of being a Filipino. Through this photograph, one can see the hardwork, sacrifice, sweat and blood of our race to be what we are today. Yes, let us all remember that rice fields are trademarks of the Filipino people- a hardworking race. May we not forget the people we were before.

Business Establishments and Market

*This is portrait of everlasting entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs assist in the growth of a certain area such as this. And because of these business establishments, (name of the people)’s economy begins to boom and this, beautifies our municipality (emergency phrase entrepreneur approach)

*This photograph captures the very essence of commerce and business in our municipality. This market enables us to buy our necessities as its income is being used for the development of our town.

National High School

A very nostalgic place. This school has been a witness to the great quality of education in our town. Amidst that, we have also seen the various events held in this school, many of which are Regional in nature. (Name of town), through this national high school, has shown us that education is the key to success.

Street Children/Poverty

It shows the other face of our country’s so- called “development”. Yes, we progress, technically, but at what price? See the people, especially these pitiful children roaming around the corners of the street just to survive for another day, Yes, sometimes, it is better NOT to look at things in the eye. We must altogether do something about it. For they, they are still part of our nation and existence.


A picture of this place reminds me of one thing: serenity. The soothing atmosphere of this plaza- especially in the evening, completes my day. (State a unique description of your plaza). A pleasurable sight indeed.

A Delicacy Product

(Name of town)’s native delicacy. Our (name of delicacy), is considered as one of the most favorite dishes in the North (just for example). Admired for its taste, the (name of delicacy) completes the life of every (how the people call themselves in the town). We are known for our (name of delicacy). Like missionaries on a new land to spread the good news, I, given the chance to be Miss (title of the pageant), would advertise and preach the greatness of the (name of delicacy) to other places.

Word Meanings and Symbols

The Holy Bible represents the 3 most powerful things on earth. The Holy Bible contains the hope of the people, the faith of the people, and the love of people.

A Bulb provides a light that guides someone to achieve his or her goals in life. This may refer to people who inspire other people to go on and keep achieving what is to be achieved.

A Watch reminds us that the time we have is only a borrowed time from God. It reminds us that our time is limited and must be spent wisely on what is good only in the eyes of God. A crown maybe majestic in its form and outward appearance but it is embedded by responsibility to lead and live by example for others.

Shoes serve as protection to our feet as we travel along the way. It reminds us that before we set our feet on the ground, God has already walked our journey and has made it safe and sound.

A Dress represents who we are in the inside. We must take a look at what we wear because this is how others respect us and how we respect others in return.

A Computer represents not only the machine but infinite boundaries and differences that are now bridged through technologies we have. A computer is supposed to be used by the world for unity and not for animosity.

A Trophy may stand tall. But in order to accentuate what is on the upper part, the lower part needs to be bigger to hold what is on the top. This reminds us that success is made from humble beginnings and the people who supported us. Without them, the place where victory is may not be attainable for us.

A Television is an educational tool that showcases information by disseminating it to a large community. It can inform us directly; it can entertain us while we learn from it.

Cellphone is a powerful tool that shows the longing of mankind to get connected and united from each other despite the distances and differences. The feeling of being one as sons and daughters of Someone who is powerful.

Book/Ballpen represents that humans have a lot to say and to share. That every individual also deserves to be educated because everyone is endowed with the intelligence that God has given into each one of us.

A Mirror reminds us to see and check ourselves from time to time if we are still who we want to be or has become of what we don’t want to be.

A Ladder signifies strength in unity. It also represents and tells us that success can be achieved through a step by step process or level. That in order to be successful is not just about luck but it is about hardwork step by step and level to level.

A Wheel represents what life is, that life is not just about its “tops” but also it has its “downs”. We can never feel that we are on the top if we have not experience being “down”.

A Bag can represent our capacity to carry life’s luggage. It teaches us what are the most important things that we should put into our life. Is it hatred, sorrow, and bitterness? Or is it faith, hope and love?

Key represents different angles of life. It shows that life has a rocky road that it stores many challenges and hardships if we are determined to make it up to the last with the correct attitude to open up opportunities in life.

Money can do and buy many things, but not anything human. Money may build but may also destroy. We must then wise which one we purchase every time we buy something.

The sight of a Door always gives us hope beyond it. But we need courage to open it. We need a steady heart to overcome fear. But most of all, we need to distinguish if the door or opportunity is for us or not before we venture into it.

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