10 Types of Pageant Interview Questions

Beauty pageant questions can spur candidates to be hysterical. Who will not? Even delegates who are honors in their own chosen field of studies cannot help but feel and obviously hide the intense feeling during the demanding question and answer portion.

What makes this portion very challenging? It is because nobody can actually guess the question. There is a vast field where pageant questions may come. To narrow down this field and help pageant delegates, I have categorized the most commonly asked type of pageant questions and termed this as “The Anatomy of Pageant Questions”.

1. Role and Responsibility Questions


These questions will ask you what would be your contribution to help in solving a particular social problem or ask you what would be your role to a certain group like community or organization. The best way to combat these questions is to think days before the pageant, about your roles and responsibilities as a youth, a citizen, a beauty queen, or a promising leader.

What is the biggest challenge to the youth today?

 The biggest challenge to the youth today is on how to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. Responsibly assuming some serious and key leadership roles such as holding a beauty title, being a local official or being a young businessman; who might possibly turn into a successful entrepreneur and provide jobs to the people.

2. Questions on Social Issues

The second one is “Are you in Favor Questions” that deals oftentimes with social issues . These questions usually start with ‘are you in favor’ that is why I termed it that way. It gives you at least two possible answers, whether to agree or not to a particular issue or you can always stay neutral if you want to or may agree however with some conditions.

Are you in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill?

 The Reproductive Health Bill has become an issue to both the government and the Church. However, since contraceptives are being sold now in the market, at least it should be sold properly.

Contraceptives should only be sold to married couples by providing marriage ID’s and any violation must be sanctioned and punished by the law so that the youths would think twice before engaging in pre-marital sex and eventually suffer unwanted pregnancy. If this would be considered on the Reproductive Health Bill, I will be in favor of it.

3. Situational Questions

The third one is a favorite too during pageants also known as “The ‘IF’ Questions”. These questions ask what you are going to do if you are in such a given situation. Oftentimes, the judges set the choices or parameters for your answer. However, you should be keen and smart in answering because these questions measure one’s wit and maturity.

If you are to choose between a doctor and a lawyer, whom will you marry?

 If I were to choose between a doctor and a lawyer, to whom I will marry. I would not be basing my decision according to their profession. For me, their profession does not matter as long as the person is sincere, truly loves me, and is presentable to my friends, family and especially to God; he would be the best person to marry me. (The candidate answered out of the choices and it sounds okay)

If you will rank the following, namely wealth, health, and family, according to their importance, how will you rank them and why?

 If I will rank wealth, health, and family, I would rank my family as the most important one. I could sacrifice wealth and health in any circumstance, but not my family. Second in importance for me is wealth, because I am ready to lose my health, and my personal happiness, just to see my family in good condition.

4. Definition Questions

The fourth classification of pageant questions for me is what I termed it as “Definition Questions” because it directly asked the definition of a word. You should be ready to give a short but meaningful definition being asked. The most common word being asked are winner, woman, love, and success.

What is “sportsmanship” for you?

 Sportsmanship for me is the ability to gain the respect of everybody, to become a “friend” to everyone in that particular engagement, regardless of winning or losing the competition.

5. Timeless and Current Issues

This category is under “Social Issues as Pageant Questions”. There are questions in pageants that are long time issues and are still unresolved or will never be resolved. Hence, it knows no time boundary. Such questions are described to be “timeless issues” while the other one is called “current issues”. Issues that died a natural death or we simply refer to it, as “past issues” are not asked in pageants anyway.

What can you say about pre-marital sex?

 Pre-marital sex is never good or moral. The purpose of sex is the marital obligation of a man and a woman who are blessed and sanctified by the church to produce offspring for continuous existence of man and to have a happy and God-fearing family.

6. Government and Leadership Questions

This category will always be present, as judges cannot help asking questions related to economy, leadership, public figures, and government projects that need the attention of the public.

What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?

 Our government leaders are so busy forging foreign relations, law -makings, politics and graft and corruption cases, while millions of (nationality) are struggling in order to provide food for their family during meal time. I believe that the government should be bothered and worried about those poor families and the less fortunate in our country all the times. Eradicating poverty must be considered above all as number one priority of our government leaders.

7. Questions on Famous Personalities


Another question category is what I termed it as “Personalities” which fall under “Questions for a Pageant”. Beauty pageant delegates are often asked for personalities that they admire most, to whose famous personality they are parallel with, who is the sexiest man alive today, and so on and so forth. It is a good thing to prepare for these questions since your answers will be handy during casual interviews and even during the final question and answer portion.

Who is that one influential person you want to meet and what do you want to learn from him/her?

 I would like to meet the pope. Since he has a profound wisdom, I would like to know what matters most in life. And since he is a Man of God, I would also like to ask for his prayers for our place and the people of (State the place of the pageant)

8. Casual Interview Questions

If you are a would-be delegate, it is basic that you must know the yourself well. These are personal questions meant to know who you are. I will give you a sample list of it:

Casual Interview Pageant Questions

 What is your motto?
 What is your ambition?
 How do you feel right now?
 What is your favorite magazine?
 What other magazines do you read?
 What is your favorite movie?
 What TV program do you watch?
 What are your hobbies?
 What is your favorite sport?
 What color will best represent your personality?
 What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
 What is your favorite subject?
 How do you make yourself physically fit?
 What do you think is your strength, and your weakness?
 What are the steps that you do to excel in your studies?
 How do you manage stress?

Other anticipated casual interview questions

 Define to me a happy family?
 Can you tell me about your family?
 Describe to me your ideal man?
 What are your plans in life?
 Where do you want to work after you graduate?
 Do you have plans going abroad?
 Who do you idolized?
 Who inspired you to take up _________?
 Why did you join this pageant?
 Who inspired you to join this pageant?
 What can you say about joining this pageant?

9. Questions Promoting Tourism

One responsibility of a beauty queen is to promote tourism in her place. She serves as the ambassador (there is no word as ambassadress) of goodwill and encourages and convinces visitors to come back or consider staying on their place as a citizen and if possible invests. Hence, one of the most common questions asked in beauty pageant is on how you will promote tourism on your place. We shall then call these questions as “Describing Places” which falls under “Government and Leadership Pageant Questions” since the very basic of promoting is highlighting your place through vivid description.

How would you promote tourism in _______________?

 (As a beauty pageant contestant, I could promote ____________ by describing it to tourists and entrepreneurs as…)

It is perfect for me to live in my province located in ___________. ___________ is a place where the peace and security rating is always a hundred percent thumbs up, a place where the historical site and its natural resources are rich and undisturbed, A place where beautiful people live in peace, in love, and in harmony helping one another to achieve the community’s projects, goals and endeavors under the good and internationally outstanding leadership of our officials. A place where people revere and fear God. That is ___________! (My home!)

10. Uncategorized Pageant Questions

Some questions during pageants are sometimes funny or unexpected and I do not know where to categorize them aside from naming them as such.

How would you describe the color yellow to a blind man since birth?

 Physically, we could not describe the color yellow to a blind man since birth, but since we trust them and believe them to have an extraordinary ability in sensing and feelings things, let us say that color yellow represents the natural color of light- it represents joy, cheerfulness, warmth, splendor and hospitality. With that, we are able to give him a very nice and complete definition and description of the color yellow.


Hope that after I have classified and discussed to you the anatomy of pageant questions and answers, I have helped you in some means. Now that you have already a knowledge on pageant questions, it’s about time that you now read on the qualities of a winning pageant answer.

Author: gaucallantajr

Gau Callanta Jr. is a beauty pageant walk and talk trainer. He teaches proper walking posture, speed & ambiance, head & eye movements, stage strategies, and on how to answer pageant questions. Contact him for training (Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.) or purchase his PDF pageant question and answer reviewer and manual by texting at (+63) 920 236 7033 or at (+63) 956 864 3925