Miss University of Luzon 2016 | Pageant Questions

  1. Which is more important to you, being respected or being loved?

I wanted to be loved. You cannot be loved without being respected. To Love is the greatest commandment of God. It is the mother of all positive emotions like respect. You cannot respect somebody without a bit of love coming from you. As what the novel and movie “Tuesday with Morrie” taught us, “Love is the only rational act we can have.”


  1. What is Quality Education for you?

Quality Education for me is when Values and Skills meet to live a balance, productive, and useful living to the society. It teaches us how life begins, understand why there is still life today and discover what we must do to ensure that life in the future. 

  1. What is your opinion or stand in using Tagalog as the medium of instruction in General Education subjects in college?

I do not see any problem with that. However, college is where we must fully strengthen our language & communicative skills to open and widen our own career opportunity and become globally competitive in the international market that we have today.  That would be all. Thank you.

  1. If you are to make criteria for judging in a beauty pageant, how much percentage are you going to give for beauty and for intelligence? Why?

(I maybe beautiful but…) I will give 30% for beauty and 70% for intelligence. Beauty is just skin-deep while intelligence may represent who we really are – the beauty of one’s character, the beauty of one’s heart and the beauty of one’s soul – because it is our intelligence that speaks what our heart and soul really desire – and that’s who we really are.

  1. The University of Luzon Founder’s philosophy is perecias y valias or skills and values. Which for you is more important, skills or values? Why? 

For me values are more important than skills. Skills can be learned while developing one’s values will need much experience and wisdom in weighting things. You could always train a person to do the job but it is not always possible to make them want to do it. As they said, “It is our Attitude not our Aptitude that will determine our Altitude”.

  1. How will you convince the parent of a Grade 10 student to enroll in University of Luzon Senior High School? 

I could convince a parent of a Grade 10 student by telling the strengths of the University: First, we have the most number of accredited programs in the region, second we have center of developments, third, we have center of excellence. All these means our professors in our different colleges are the most qualified to teach the senior high school TOO compared to any other school here in the region.

  1. If you will be crowned tonight as Miss University of Luzon 2016, if given the chance to choose, who do you want to be your first runner up, please choose one specific candidate and why? 

I find and consider candidate number 1, ate Vanessa, as my first runner-up. As we all know and see, she is so reserved, poised, beautiful, and ahead of me (us) in years. So, I believe, she is tough to be overcome by any of the candidates including myself.

  1. If you are one of the judges in this pageant, what will be that one relevant question that you will ask yourself and what will be your answer?

“In what ways do beauty contests help the women? “

Beauty contests help women by giving them opportunities to showcase their personalities and potentialities be it local, national, or international. These serve as training grounds too for women who plan to handle key roles in the society since joining beauty contests let them become aware and engage to the different social issues and problems. These even help them to express themselves, educate people and bring hope.

Author: gaucallantajr

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