Miss Universe 2013 Philippines Ariella Arida

Miss Universe 2013 Philippines Ariella Arida on her way to the crown comments, analysis, and predictions.


I was not that right when I predicted that of all the 3 queens we had namely Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup and Janine Tugunon, Philippines had the closest opportunity to win Miss Universe when Janine won Binibining Pilipinas 2012.


Janine joined Binibining Pilipinas 2011 and was placed as 1st runner-up before being crowned in 2012. It means that she passed through the necessary trainings twice making her more competitive compared to Venus and Shamcey when it comes to their pageant skills.

Winning the same pageant twice further attested that Janine’s competency to win and stand out became more reliable and valid even if you would change the set of contestants.

That analysis was proven during the Miss Universe 2012.

This year, we have Ariella Arida. Miss Arida’s track record was not that colorful though Shamcey did not have any local pageant as far as I know and did not stop her from becoming 3rd runner up in the Miss Universe 2011.

Going back at this year’s Binibini, here are the special awards winners.

Ms. San Miguel Zero Fit and Sexy Body-PiaWurtzbach

Ms. Philippine Airlines-Nicole Kim Donesa

Ms. Jag Jeans-Aiyanna Camille Mikiewicz

Cream Silk Beyond Beautiful Woman-Joanna Cindy Miranda

Bb. Talent-Anna Carmela Aquino

Bb. PilipinasPAGCORAward-Imelda Schweighart

Bb. Photogenic-Mutya Johanna Datul-BEAUTY 50%

Bb. Petron-Joanna Cindy Miranda

Bb. Manila BulletinReaders’ Choice-Ellore Noelle Punzalan

Bb. Friendship-Lourenz Grace Remetillo

Bb. Best in Swimsuit-Ariella Arida-FIGURE 30%

Bb. Best in National Costume-Maria TeresitaAlaineBaccay

Bb. Best in Long Gown-Mutya Johanna Datul-POISE 10%

Bb. Avon-Bea Rose Santiago

And of course Miss Arida for sure topped the question and answer portion10%

This one is the criteria for judging in Binibining Pilipinas:

Beauty of Face is 50% and must have been topped by Mutya Datul since she was the Miss Photogenic.

Figure is 30% and can be assumed that Miss Arida got the highest score since she got the Best in Swimsuit award.

Poise and Personality is 10% and must have been topped by Mutya Datul since she was the Best in Long Gown

Intelligence is 10% assuming again that Miss Arida topped this segment since she won Bb. Pilipinas Universe.

Looking at the placements below when they were called, Ariella topped it. Having won the swimsuit award must have helped her plus it could be a fact that she is not really that far when it comes to beauty from Mutya Datul and Cindy Miranda looking at the awards Cindy and Mutya garnered. If Miss Arida won Miss Photogenic during the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 pageant, then I must be confident to declare that she is our new Miss Universe 2013.

  1. Bb. #41 AriellaArida
  2. Bb. #45 Imelda Schweighart
  3. Bb. #39 Mutya Johanna Datul
  4. Bb. #34 Grace YannApuad
  5. Bb. #13 Charmaine Elima
  6. Bb. #43 Rhea Nakpil
  7. Bb. #46 Amanda Noelle Navasero
  8. Bb. #22 Ellore Noelle Punzalan
  9. Bb. #20 Bea Rose Santiago
  10. Bb. #16 Joanna Cindy Miranda
  11. Bb. #12 Camille Carla Nazar
  12. Bb. #25 Merry Joyce Respicio
  13. Bb. #31 Maria Angelica de Leon
  14. Bb. #15 PiaWurtzbach
  15. Bb. #33 Parul Shah

Miss Arida’s strength is her figure and her wit to answer a question. Though she might have some difficulties in expressing herself very well, I am pretty sure that she can give the world a beautiful and astonishing answer if given the chance to join the top 5.

There is a chance that Miss Arida may not place in the Miss Universe 2013 if she would not be able to create a good impression to the preliminary judges since she finds difficulty in expressing her views.

However, once she is able to hurdle the preliminary round and join the semi-final candidates, I am pretty sure that the judges will have to put Miss Arida  in the top 5 candidates since the primary qualifying factor here is Miss Arida’s strength during the Binibining Pilipinas –  figure. Her beauty might also help her. And again, since Miss Arida has this wit to answer even a difficult question, we are not far from getting the crown.

This is Miss Arida’s answer during the BBP:

“One lesson in life that we, women, can teach men is being sensitive. Because we all know that men are more logical when it comes to decision. They usually are more rational, straight forward. Unlike we, women, we use our heart and we tend to get emotional in some of our decisions. For me, sensitivity is something that we can teach men.”

I am glad she is under the ACES and QUEENS team with Jonas Gaffud. The same people who made Venus, Shamcey, Janine, and Meagan to be queens.

Ariella Arida

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How do you take care of your skin?
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How do you feel right now?
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What other magazines do you read?
What is your favorite movie?
What are your hobbies?
What is your favorite sport?
What color will best represent your personality?
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How will you accept defeat?
What is a Modern Filipina? (Philippine based)
How will you feel if you will not win this pageant?
What is your ideal man?
Are you in favor of live-in relationship?
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