Miss Philippines Earth 2016 | Maybelle Pameroyan

Miss Philippines Earth 2016 is on June 12, 2016 on a venue to be announced by the organizer soon. Let us support Maybelle Pameroyan, our Limgas na Pangasinan 2015 as Philippines’ Earth Warrior 2016.

Let us watch Maybelle’s Eco-Beauty Video and listen to what she has to say to us about the importance of preservation and conservation of our Mother Earth.

Here is Maybelle’s Video Transcript:

Self Introduction

Hello everyone! Masantos ya agew ed sikayon amin or a blessed day to you all! This is Maybelle O. Pameroyan, your Earth Warrior from the municipality of Sta. Barbara, province of Pangasinan.


Facts About My Place

Sta. Barbara is one of the first class municipalities of Pangasinan. It lies on a plain terrain in the northern part of Agno Valley, at the center of Pangasinan. It consists of 29 barangays with majority engaging in farming economic activity. Rice and mangoes are the main crops raised in our municipality followed by a variety of vegetables. Out of the farming industry, we have managed to develop our own food processing industry which includes making of rice cakes such as latik and suman and even making nata de coco making.

Through the passage of time, Sta. Barbara has grown not only in terms of population, but it has continued to progress. The once was a quiet town is now among the top contributing municipalities of the province. Besides being historically significant from which it is the home of one of the province’s governor’s, Don Daniel Maramba, it has already been contributing a lot to the province’s economic success as it has continued to flourish especially in the field of agriculture.

With that, we continue to make our entire province, Pangasinan No. 1.

3 Interesting Things About Myself

Teachers are the catalysts of change and that is the main why I chose to be one. I am public school teacher here in Daniel Maramba National High School and I’ve been in the field of teaching for almost four years now. Though teaching may be one of the most challenging professions in the field, I find fulfillment in seeing that I have influenced my students beyond their academics. Besides being an educator, I’m a movie addict as it is among my stress relievers and I am Fairytail anime fan.

Advocacy/ Project of the Region

As an educator and an environmental advocate, I strongly promote my campaign which I call #EducationEqualsRightfulActionsForMotherEarth which promotes influencing others through teaching them to make and be the change for the saving of the environment. Truly, change comes from within and because of this with proper knowledge on what is happening around us, we can make the right steps to the preservation of the environment’s resources. I believe the reason why many of us fail do our own fair share of saving Mother Earth is the fact that many of us are not well aware of what is going on around and sad to say many are not aware of what we have been doing wrong. This campaign targets to reach out to different communities especially schools and local governments through seminars and workshops informing them of the earth’s current state which includes all aspects , land, water, air and ecotourism from which we can extract from one another ideas on what they think they can contribute to its preservation. Through this, initiatives start and rightful actions take place.

Climate change is already upon us and it is high time that we become more involved in using the 5Rs, “Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect”. Let us save by our lands reforestation and proper waste disposals. Recycling can have a major effect on lessening the amount of garbage adding up to problems of our world. Let us save our waters through the saving of our corral reefs from wrong way of fishing, planting mangroves to maintain the balance in the coastal ecosystem and by maintaining its purity and cleanliness. Let us save the air from too much carbon dioxide emissions. Say no to burning and smoking. Let us empower proper EcoTourism for our Mother Earth and our country.

Our provincial government has also taken part in these through projects such as “Ilog Ko Aroen Ko”, Clean Up Drives for the Lingayen Gulf and Tree Planting in the mountainous areas of our province. I too have already started through a project I have done which is the Mangrove Tree Planting. Hand and hand we, can do a lot. We can be the change. Let it start with all of us.

Why I should be Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Miss Philippines Earth is not only a pageant but it is one of the best avenues for Filipinas in the country and around the world to take part in the drive to save our environment. I am an earth warrior by heart and with this I want to be Miss Philippines Earth to reach out to more people and let the voice of our Mother Earth be heard.


I am Maybelle O. Pameroyan, Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan. I am woman of the Earth.

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