Miss Mangaldan Pageant Questions

Why should we crown you as Miss Mangaldan ?

You should crown me as Miss Mangaldan because I am more than willing to promote and join government projects and willing to portray and show an epitome of a beauty queen, who is good and helpful to the endeavors of her place. I will be wearing the crown in my heart, and not in my head. I will fulfill my responsibility as a role model whom people can look up to especially the youth. 


What makes Mangaldan better than the other municipalities of the province?

As a citizen of Mangaldan, there are a lot of things that I can be very proud of. First, Mangaldan bagged the award for the 2010 cleanest river in Pangasinan, second, Mangaldan, for the record, is the most outstanding local government unit in the country; we are no. 3 in the entire Philippines.

But above all, there is one simple reason that stands out: the very privilege to be a citizen of Mangaldan itself. I am proud to say that it is nice to see how much Mangaldan has grown, how much it has developed. And with this, it is easy to see that not only our government officials are doing a great work but also my fellow citizens worked hard, too, for the prosperity and development of Mangaldan. That is why we are here together and united for as we stand as Mangaldan!

Explain to us what do you understand on the theme “quality leadership, quality service, quality life”?

As a contestant in this pageant, people would look up on to us as examples, meaning that they are looking forward to what actions we will take in the future. This goes the same with our leadership here in Mangaldan and everywhere else. When leaders provide good leadership qualities, this will surely motivate the citizens to provide high quality services. And when both quality leadership and service is present, the quality of life is sure to follow through.

If given the chance, what part of Mangaldan would you like to improve?

If ever I gain that rare opportunity, I would love to improve our town’s public market. The reason behind is that the market is the main source of our existence, food. I would like it to be more sanitary and more organized. This improvement will not only benefit the buyers but as well as the vendors themselves. And in return, this will entice more suppliers and potential investors to come and do business here in Mangaldan.

Can you give me 3 reasons why we have to stay here?

First, Mangaldan has a very affordable way of life. The food, the transportation fares and the cost of merchandise is very affordable. The second reason would be its warm and welcoming atmosphere that I always feel. The third reason is that it is really hard to resist loving this place, you really learn to adore and look for the unique feel that you experience in our town. It just feels like home.

As Miss Mangaldan, how would you promote Mangaldan’s products to other towns?

As Miss Mangaldan, I would be able to promote Mangaldan’s products to other towns by inviting fellow women – especially beauty pageant winners in their respective hometowns as ambassadors to a tour in our dear municipality and show them our products and delicacies. In that little thing, I would be able to promote our town’s products in a simple, yet effective way.

Is there is one thing you could do to change Mangaldan?

This place might still have some problems but we can fix it. And because of that, I would not change anything in this beloved town of ours for this is the very thing by which we are known- being ourselves; being part of Mangaldan itself.

It would be the _________________. I want to make it more tourists attractive to become another source of income, and use it for other plans and projects without asking the help of the national government. In that way (entrepreneurship approach). That would be all, thank you.

Author: gaucallantajr

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