Miss Dagupan 2010 Pageant Questions

 Sunrise or Sunset / Winter, Summer, or Spring or Fall

Both are perfect creations of our Almighty God. But if I were to choose, I would prefer sunrise, for it reminds and brings faith, love and especially HOPE to men like us who kneel and pray above.

Chocolates, Flowers, Candies

Well I would like to prefer all of these as presents but Flowers will be much more significant than the others for its intricate meanings and it is made out of love and not of machineries. Plus, it takes a little more effort for a guy to hold flowers in public than a pack of chocolates or candies.


Rain or Sunshine / Sun or Moon

Both are beautiful creations and will of our Almighty God. But if I were to choose, I would prefer sunshine, for it reminds and seems to strengthen faith and hope of men like us who want to live and enjoy the blessings of another sunny day.

Singing, Dancing or Acting

I would like to have the gift of good voice. Words are very expressive when put into melody. You easily connect and awaken the senses of your audience and feel what you really wanted them to understand anywhere and anytime through singing compared to dancing and acting.

Saturday or Sunday

We usually say that Sunday is the Lord’s Day. What day should be better than the day we are reminded to re-channel, reunite, and spend time with our Almighty God? Without a doubt, I prefer Sunday.

 Cats or Dogs

I would prefer Dogs. They have worked overtime and Dogs were able to gain the title as Men’s Best friend. Dogs guard our houses, can be ask to do some things if properly train, detect bombs, acting happy to see us coming after a long tiring day and even call or ask for help when their masters are in need of.

Red, White or Blue

I prefer the color white. It is a positive color and is associated with purity, innocence, goodness, cleanliness, and faith. The color white promotes feeling of fresh beginnings and renewal, and encouraging the purification and righteousness of thoughts and actions. I believe it is the color of our Almighty God.

Author: gaucallantajr

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