Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee | The Rise of a Queen

Get to know our Miss Magic 2014 Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee as one of the Province of Pangasinan strongest bet for a National Pageant Title.

I had a talk with Anna and her mom Renei 2 days after Anna won the Miss Magic 2014 title. I think Anna is still a little exhausted from a more than a month-long activities of the pageant. Anyway, here she is a couple of months before the pageant.


Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee

The Rise of a Queen 2014

Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee (5’6″ @ 18yrs. old) is a student of WCC Aeronotical Technological College in Binalonan Pangasinan. She is taking-up Bachelor of Arts in Tourism. Anna as she prefers to be called that way was born in Quezon City but was raised in Urdaneta City when her family decided to moved in and stay away from the busy atmosphere of Metro Manila. With that, Pangasinan is blessed to have her here.

Joanna Tolosa Lee

Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee

Miss Silka Pangasinan 2015

Miss Magic 2014

1st runner-up Miss ABC Urdaneta

Miss Campus Queen Pangasinan 2013

Earlier Years in Pageant Industry

Anna started joining beauty contest when she was in grade 2 and continued until she bagged the crown as Miss Campus Queen Pangasinan 2013. An invitational beauty pageant from all-over universities and colleges in the province. She was also the Best in Talent and chosen to be as Miss MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange), one of the sponsors during the event.

Joanna Lee

Anna during her earlier years in beauty pageant competition

Joanna Marie Lee

Anna waiting for her turn during the Campus Queen 2013 Talent Presentation

Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee

Her Creative Costume during the Campus Queen 2013

Joanna Lee

Miss ABC Urdaneta 2013 Competition

She first entered professional pageant at the age of 18 upon the invitation of her handler Marlon Muyrong, a nurse by profession from Urdaneta City too. Anna first competed at the Miss ABC Urdaneta 2013 and landed 1st runner-up as a first timer. Aside from being next to the title holder, she was also chosen as Miss Placenta and Miss M Lhuillier.

Miss Magic 2014 Crown and Her Thoughts

Anna’s next pageant after the city-wide competition was Miss Magic 2014 last May 3 held at Villasis Public Auditorium here in Pangasinan. Miss Magic is considered to be the most prestigious and biggest pageant North of Luzon which also includes candidates from other provinces like Zambales, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte. La Union and Nueva Ecija.

Anna’s being a newbie in the industry did not stop her from winning the crown and bringing home the following awards: Best in Gown, Miss Block and White, Miss Pantene, Miss Lucky Me, Miss Modess, and Miss Colgate.

Here is the common question and her winning answer during the pageant interview portion that won the judges heart and mind:

Joanna Marie Lee

“When you woke up earlier, what was the first thing you prayed for?”

“When I woke up this morning, the very first thing I prayed for was to have a successful show. I also prayed for the other candidates to have a heart of acceptance and the spirit of sportsmanship to accept whatever happens tonight.”

According to Anna, during close-door interviews like that of a pre-pageant, Confidence matters most. She added,

“…you may be intelligent, but if you do not have confidence, you cannot then express yourself.”

I also asked if how she sees beauty pageant by ranking the important factors that make someone a winning candidate during the pageant night and she ranked it this way:


Confidence, &


Before we part ways, I did throw my last question. What makes a candidate confident or how did you have confidence?

“Physically you have to be ready. It boost confidence. You feel discourage when people are cheering for the others during tours. I just regained my confidence when my co-candidates say to the other people that they see me as a good competitor for the crown.”

As of now, since Anna has won a regional pageant, she believes that there is no other way for her but to go to the nationals. However, there are no concrete plans yet where to join. What is important for her as of the moment is to serve and fulfill her duties and responsibilities as Miss Magic 2014 title well. Anna was crowned by the Miss Magic 2012 Nicole Jane S. Nabua, also a candidate number 18 before and was 18 years old back then same with Anna.

Miss Magic 2014 winners

Photo Credits to Simon Simon Francis Blaise Vistro of What’s Up Dagupan

From left: 2nd Runner-Up – Jackielyn Dulay, Nueva Ecija, 1st Runner-Up – Enya Neyes, Lingayen, Miss Magic 2014 – Joanna Marie Lee, Urdaneta, 3rd Runner-Up – Joanabelle Solomon, Manaoag, and 4th Runner-Up – Orielle Kim Basali, Urdaneta

Straight from Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee: Our Miss Magic 2014

I was 14 then when I learned about Miss Magic beauty pageant. By seeing advertisements at the malls, tarpaulins and even on TV. Knowing that this is the grandest and most prestigious pageant here in Northern Luzon, I have started dreaming being crowned as one of the “lucky ladies” who wore the crown.

I decided to join Miss. Magic when I was 16, but there were people who discouraged me saying that I would not make it since it is a very prestigious one and that I was too young and that I have not proven anything yet. But that did not stop me from pursuing my dream. I took it as a challenge and I became more determined than ever.

Two years later, I joined pageants professionally. I wanted to show people that they were wrong; that I, can also be a beauty queen. The Search for Campus King and Queen 2013 was my first professional pageant. I did not really expect anything because aside from the fact that it was my first time, I also knew that my fellow contestants were all professionals. But when you pray hard and with the right motives, God will surely grant your wish. I won the title and a couple of awards too.

My next pageant was Miss ABC Urdaneta 2013. I appreciate the help of everyone who supported me in the pageant. But I was not as lucky as a newbie. I landed first-runner up. After joining those two pageants, I thought I was ready for my dream. I was ready to conquer The Miss Magic World. That is when my handler and I agreed and decided to join the journey.

I started my preparation two weeks before the screening day. I told myself that whatever happens, I will make sure to leave a mark for the judges to think twice before they ignore my application. So during the screening day, I did my best. I did not pretend to be somebody I am not. I was just myself. And I was happy to finally pass the first and second screening. And then… The journey began.

The journey was not as easy as I thought. For a month and a half, we were always on trips for courtesy calls and store tours, we were always rehearsing. I have sacrificed a lot for Miss. Magic. but every sacrifice was really worth it.

Magic Group of Companies acted like our parents. They took care of us in the whole journey. They did not just provide us with material things, but they also provided us lessons to apply in our daily lives. The journey taught me to just be myself and to be always humble. And most importantly to always trust God in everything.

There were times that I was losing hope and confidence, then I remember what the Holy Bible says that God has a perfect timing. And keeping that in mind, I continued the journey with faith and trust in God. As a result, I now belong to those I call “The Lucky Ladies “. I am now Miss Magic 2014.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. My family, my friends, my handler, and most importantly, God. Without these people, none of these would have ever come true. I also would like to thank The Magic Group of Companies’ committee for giving me that chance to be a part of their family. I promise to do my responsibilities with a very thankful and a blessed heart. I also would like to acknowledge the off-stage team. Thank you for the patience and lessons you have shared to us. And also to the board of judges, thank you for seeing the best in me. I believe that this is not the end. This is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. And I hope that you will be with me till the very end. Thank you everyone and may God bless us all.

To God Be The Glory.

Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee's Family

From left: Julian Mari (brother), Renei (mom), Miss Magic 2014 Joanna, Eduard (dad), Joshua Mari, & Jeriko Mari (brothers)

Joanna Marie Lee's Handler

Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee and her proud handler Marlon Muyrong

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