How to Become a Pageant Coach

How to Become a Pageant Coach is a personal journey of a pageant coach on how he started to build a clientele.

Some candidates could not help but asked how did I started to be a ramp and question and answer trainer specially that I am a guy. Maybe, it is really unusual for them to see a guy teaching and coaching girls joining beauty pageant contest on how to walk and on how to talk and deal with pageant interview questions.


My interest in beauty pageants did not started as early as others. Since I was the student president of the entire university where I am studying, I had to spearhead all kinds of student activities in the school. I had the chance to lead my team and be a working committee together with a professional pageant director for the Miss University Pageant. From that, I learned some basic things about beauty pageants and has developed a love for beauty.

I am a language teacher by profession in a special science high school after I graduated. My fellow teachers would asked me to answer pageant questions for our students who would be representing the school for a beauty contest like Miss STEP for Technology and Livelihood Education subject and Miss ROYC, an annual pageant as part of a city, regional, and later on, a national science fair.

The students would often request or invite me for an overnight stay in their areas for an extra coaching with extra fees and with a VIP room. With all the effort and passion I put onto my work, plus the fact that my first three clients won regional titles and the fourth one won in a national level high school pageant competition, my name resounded to other students as a good pageant coach.

I think, one of my clients who made a record for me is one of my students who joined a professional and prestigious pageant competition in North Luzon, Philippines at the age of 15 and won 3rd-runner up. She then ventured into more pageants and performed very well. Likewise, she became a favorite local model in photoshoots and photo seminars. Now, she is in Metro Manila receiving more offers.

From 2008, I started to receive calls from pageant candidates or sometimes from their parents asking for my services. They would often asked me if I can teach their daughters on how to walk well. I could not, but that was before. Because of the demands, I decided to do some research and actual observations on pageant walking until I am able to guess who would topped the swimwear and gown competition. That was the time I told to myself that I may already teach ramp too because I knew that I had already an eye on pageant walking.

My clientele grew. Sometimes, I get invited to do a pageant talk and pageant walking workshop. I often discussed and focused first on how to win a pageant in the morning and a ramp workshop in the afternoon. Now, I am just waiting for the right time to publish my pageant manual and for me to open a beauty camp or a training center for candidates here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.

Author: gaucallantajr

Gau Callanta Jr. is a beauty pageant walk and talk trainer. He teaches proper walking posture, speed & ambiance, head & eye movements, stage strategies, and on how to answer pageant questions. Contact him for training (Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.) or purchase his PDF pageant question and answer reviewer and manual by texting at (+63) 920 236 7033 or at (+63) 956 864 3925