How to Answer Pageant Questions

How to Answer Pageant Questions gives us well-define steps and clear guidelines on how to give an astonishing pageant answer.

Answering pageant questions is not just answering, “What can you say about this?” Although generally, the questions sound like that, you must remember that you should not answer it as if you are just casually giving your opinion. (that is why this question and answer portion is termed as formal interview too, and it is different from the casual interview segment being injected by some pageant committees if they have not done a pre judging selection for the top 10 candidates) So in all times, answer it with all grace.

How to Answer Pageant Questions gives us well-define steps and clear guidelines on how to give an astonishing pageant answer.

How to answer pageant questions? What makes a beauty pageant answer, win crown? are vital questions one must know to win a pageant.

How to Start Your Answer


There are some short suggested guidelines you have to follow if you don’t like messing up during the ‘demanding’ question and answer portion as it was described in the Miss Universe 2011.

The first one is, as much as possible if it does not sound awkward, you have to repeat the question asked in its declarative form, i.e. (not applicable in all questions)

“What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in our society today?”

Your answer should start like, “The relevance of a beauty pageant in our society today is…” This is to assure the judge who asked the question that you are answering it as exactly as how you were asked. (You are already building an edge over the other candidates who have not done this).

In addition, this is to make sure that the other judges who were not able to hear the question because of some technical issues or were quite busy scoring the other girls would not just give you a “fair-middle-score” because they do not know the question you are answering. Moreover, the best one is, you as a candidate do not have to worry on how you would start your answer. You just have to compose the body of your answer rather than focusing on how you will present your answer. Just observe the pro, they do it that way.

Second, do not make unnecessary introduction like greeting the judges just to save you while you are thinking for an answer. That is a “give me a break” –  an old “alibi” and the judges already knew that. However, if you feel that you have to greet them, well, there is nothing wrong if you show some kind of politeness. Make it sure you do it quickly.

Now that I have given you a short background on how to answer pageant questions, let us go answering, “What makes a beauty pageant answer, win crown?”

The Kind of Answer That Wins

First, the judges are expecting an answer with the highest social value and ideal. You are a “would-be” beauty queen who would serve as an epitome of beauty to the people and would be representing the state or the country your pageant title is serving. Therefore, it is necessary that the judges must see your sense of responsibility to the community.

What kind of answer do I mean? Let me illustrate it with some pageant questions and answers sample.

If you had to live your life all over again, what part of your life would you change, why?

None, I would not change even a single scene in my life. I am because of what I have been through, changing any part of my life automatically changes my definition as a person, and I do not want that to happen. (In short, it means ‘Contentment’. I think our current Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes has the same concept of answering such question)

If God will grant you one wish, what would it be?

I wish to God that from now on, no one in this world should ever be hungry because of being poor. It is an awful fact to accept that the world has been very busy in its luxurious living while hundreds, thousands, or probably millions of beggars tonight are still out there in our streets waiting for alms. (Social responsibility and emotional appeal will have a nice impact.)

If you will be winning the crown tonight, what will be the very first thing you will do and why?

Regardless of winning or losing the crown tonight, the very first thing that I will do is to thank God. Nothing could be much more important than offering my achievements and thanking God, who is the source of all things beautiful. (She answered more than what is expected. The judges might be expecting ‘thanking God’, yes, that is basic (though some still messed up by saying ‘thanking my friends, etc’.) but the candidate corrected the question and assure the judges that she is ‘God-fearing’ by saying, “Regardless of winning…”)

The second and last pointer would be, make it sure that you deliver the answer with an “impact” towards the judges! They are the one who will give you the score and have asked you the question and not the audience.

Having a quick mind and a heart for service to your fellow men is a requirement to produce the best pageant answer with high regard to the highest social value and idealLikewise, it is suggested that you study the pageant interview questions for you to fully understand them. Here is a separate article that further discusses how to answer pageant questions.

How to Get an A in Q & A

If you came to the part that requires both brain and heart, would you be able to choose the right words to say what you mean and mean what you say? Would you even be able to make a point? If you had to answer to: “What is the one big mistake that you did in your life and what did you do to make it right?”, will you give out utter brilliance or utter disappointment? The battle for the crown requires more than just good looks and a flattering figure. It requires just the right amount of intelligence and reaction.

Worthy Conversation

In dealing with beauty pageant questions, you answer to the crowd, the judges, the nation you represent, the media and yes, the world. Before you even think about impressing the masses or getting the message clear that you are simply keeping it real, it is essential to make “making sense” automatic. Boy Abunda, Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) talk trainer has made it clear on how to answer pageant questions: you shall never ever forget that the Q and A portion is a conversation. So as you listen (never forget to listen), be certain that you have heard the point of the question. From here you must be able to understand its concept, digest your situation and give an appropriate response. A conversation only ever works if you did not answer “Red” to “Where do you live?”

Know who you are answering to, what needs answering and realize that you have just the answer to give. Be smart, be quick – you only have a few seconds to convince.

Shed a Tear Not a Fountain

Women have the talent for showing their emotions and gallantly parading them without boundaries. Pageants involve women. Many times, questions have pulled on heartstrings – pulled hard enough that the candidates feel the need to cry. You are welcome to feel; to envelope yourself with the comfort of raw emotions – but to have them govern you on stage or worse (which is to use them for the purpose of earning the hearts of your sentimental audience) is unacceptable. Make it warm, sufficient and short enough to communicate your emotions and express the truth of your heart.

Keep it real. Feel. But don’t let yourself be thrown into a dramatic moment where you have your tears or overwhelming sense of fulfillment for being there speak for yourself. Be certain that answers are better explained with words. 

Own Your Brilliance in A Major, Major Way


After all is said, done and taught, the success (or failure) of the Q and A depends on you, dear candidate. In the many years of beauty pageant competitions, it has become evident that no two candidates are the same. A question can lead to so many answers (and more justifications) to have one person decide what is wrong and what is right. So yes, the Q and A portion present limitless possibilities. Take it as your chance to shine as to illuminate not blind your audience. Have them go “Woah!” and not “What?”

Should you be asked with: “What is the one big mistake that you did in your life and what did you do to make it right?” – let us hope that the next few seconds of the question and answer portion where you are finally given the microphone to speak your truth, your heart and your mind is in to it.

So talk the talk and prove your brilliance in a major, major way. A major, major good luck to you!

Here are two video from the Binibining Pilipinas pageant questions and answers seminar lead by Boy Abunda (2012) and Korina Sanchez (2013). Just click the link below, you will surely learn a lot from them, just be patient when your internet connection is slow:

A. Binibining Pilipinas 2012 – The Road To The Crown

B. Korina leads Q&A workshop for Bb. Pilipinas

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