How to Ace a Pageant

Have a heart in joining beauty pageants.

The most fundamental step in winning a pageant is by passionately joining one. Passionately joining means extending your participation not only through your physical presence but also by your heart and mind. You must join a beauty pageant because you love to not because you have to. Thus, you must have a mindset that pageants are held with purpose and not out of mere necessity. Everything is possible, even winning the pageant, if you invest your heart in whatever you do.

Set goals.


Another tip is to be a goal-oriented candidate. Having a vision of the end is a great way of beginning. Setting goals is important because it gives you a well-directed beauty queen journey. Your goals can be – garnering minor awards, winning the crown, boosting self confidence, improving your articulation, gaining friends, making your family proud, and many more. These goals serve as a fuel that fires your spirit up. Goals are pretty much the impetus that causes you to do better in rehearsals and in the pageant proper. These goals are the touchstones of your victory.

Enjoy yourself in the process.

Don’t stress yourself. Stop pushing yourself so hard. Enjoy the process. You must be free-spirited. Treat the conditions of the pageant as if you’re listening to music. Enjoy the melody. Understand the lyrics as if they were your own. Only then will you appreciate the whole song. The same is true with beauty pageants. You have to know how to put a genuine smile on your face. You have to stop treating the rehearsals as a waste of time but as a nourishment of your skills. Only then will you realize that pageantry is enjoying and learning at the same time.

Enjoying yourself in the process also means making new friends. Not pushing yourself too hard also means not comparing yourself with your fellow candidates. You must stop looking at them as a conflict to your goals but as an opportunity for companionship that could later evolve to friendship. No man is an island, they said. It’s indeed true. Your journey will be more fruitful if you experience new things with other people. Happiness is not something to be kept to yourself but rather be shared with others. Learning, too, is not fun by your own. Experience lingers if it is celebrated with your comrades.

Be yourself.

The only thing that you have as you join a beauty pageant is yourself, so you must believe in it. You must believe on what you have and on what you are. The most basic thing that you could do to be a winner is to believe that you have the capability of being one. Be proud of who you are and you must stop trying to be someone you’re not. Likewise, you must always remember that comparing yourself with other people won’t make you any better. You must accept your uniqueness. Find your own style, and that brand would be your edge among others – your one step towards victory.

Be limitless.

We all have our own limits. You have one, too. However, you must always remember that we should never cage ourselves to these limits we thought were our boundaries. A beauty pageant is an avenue where you can test your limitations and explore the undiscovered gems in you. Always remember that trying something new will give you more benefit than cost. Discovering your skills and limitations is not instant, it is a process. And some activities, like joining beauty pageants, are a significant part of this discovery process. Especially in today’s era when beauty pageants don’t only require you to be beautiful – you should also be talented, intelligent and confident.

Be confident.

After you have known yourself and have freed yourself from your limits, then you have to start showing off what you really got. You have to step out of your comfort zone. Do not let your limits hinder you but rather use it as an edge among others. Show your jawdropping walk, your wonderland body and your sweetest smile without any insecurities. Be optimistic; claim that if other people will be talking to you – it is about you being the best among the rest. Lastly, you have to own the stage as if it was made just for you.

Be contented.

Win or lose – contentment will make you a winner.

If you win, you have to be contented. Winning, whether the title or the runner-up ranks, is already a great fulfillment. Especially, when you know you have given your best and the outcome is fruitful.

If you lose, you also have to be contented. Being qualified to a prestigious pageant already makes you a winner, winning a title, sash or a crown is just a bonus. You have to realize that life is not always rainbows and rose gardens. The time is not always your time. Your plan doesn’t always fit God’s plan for you. However, you still have to be fulfilled with whatever you have been through. Afterall, the experience, knowledge and sportsmanship that you have acquired from joining a pageant already turned you from a bud to a blossoming rose who already knows her own beauty more than anyone else.

Leah Evangelista

The Author, “How to Ace a Pageant”

Things I learned from joining a pageant?

Being Miss Mangaldan 2016 First Runner Up has become one major turning point of my life. Walking the streets isn’t the same ‘walking’ anymore. It is now filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces smiling at you. However, it is not actually about the title nor the fame that is remarkable but it is the courage that the pageant has engraved in me. The kind of courage that makes you grow. The courage that is nourished by support and experience.

Even without the sash or the crown or the title, I consider myself as a victor. A victor that is a learner at the same time. The pageant has taught me that life doesn’t stop in the four corners of your comfort zone. It pushed me to step out and show people what you really got. And I would like to thank every person who believed in me. Life, indeed, has its own ways on bringing out the most beautiful and genuine smile you could ever wear. The pageant had also made me realize that life never runs out of friends and good people to give you.

Having experienced such pageant myself, I claim that a beauty pageant is never a competition. It is an avenue where you enjoy yourself and explore your capability of being limitless. It is a place where you grow and sail your horizons. It is a nursery for blooming friendships. It is a boulevard of advocacy and self-expression. Lastly, it is a stage that empowers a woman. It gives every single girl a chance to save themselves from being stereotyped as weak and pang-bahay lang and gives them a chance to claim themselves as remarkable, confident and fearless.

To my family, friends and supporters, the courage that pushes me to do more roots from all of you. I learned that the most grandiose crown you could ever wear is neither made of silver nor diamond but that of the hearts of the people who truly believes in you. I also learned that a pageant doesn’t cage you to just being beautiful – it encourages you to be helpful. Thank you.

The Author, “How to Ace a Pageant.”

Leah Vinluan Evangelista

Author: gaucallantajr

Gau Callanta Jr. is a beauty pageant walk and talk trainer. He teaches proper walking posture, speed & ambiance, head & eye movements, stage strategies, and on how to answer pageant questions. Contact him for training (Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.) or purchase his PDF pageant question and answer reviewer and manual by texting at (+63) 920 236 7033 or at (+63) 956 864 3925