Effects of Beauty Pageants

A beauty pageant is a competition for the candidates and a show for the director and the choreographer. Despite the difference, a candidate must have equal exposure to the other ladies to give respect to the idea of equal footing on the judges.


However, in any contests, there would be some who will be chosen as finalists and in it, one will emerge as the grand winner. The feeling of not making it to be one of the finalists compared to the feeling of those who made it up to the top 5 and became winners is really quite different.

I have been a mentor of a number of candidates, and I will admit it that some were not able to make it even in the semi-final round. Different reactions and different escape to show one’s heavy feeling are but common during the end of the pageant. Some cried. Some are quiet. Some wore pretentious smile. Some felt like it’s not yet over. Whatever their means of accepting the results, as a trainer and their number one fan, I must respect their feelings and give them a time to reflect for a moment.

It will take time to get over of losing a pageant depending on the sacrifices and efforts one has laid for the contest. Some stopped for a semester; others have made a lot of effort in trimming down their figure; many prepared well to answer pageant interview questions, and others have joined the pageant because of social pressures and most of them, because of the benefits of joining a beauty pageant like the prizes at stake, the career opportunities that may arise, and the popularity and exposure one may gain.

Truly, it might have been a lost for that night and the following. But as time heals the wound of losing, you will see the benefits of joining a beauty pageant. The friendship, the memories, the confidence, the self-esteem, the pride, the honor, and the lesson you have learned are immeasurable gains. And that is the reason why, you see the same ladies who join pageants because it is irresistible to decline another offer when one has a memory of it regardless of winning or losing the previous one.

Positive effects of beauty pageants

More Gorgeous

I have never seen a woman who joined a beauty pageant and have seen her less gorgeous after it. Based on what I have observed for years, a teen, a lady, or a woman whatever you may call her would always look better on her physical appearance after seeing her joining a series of beauty pageant contests. You may believe me or not, I would not convince you for that. Maybe because they have perfected already and figured out what best compliment their body when it comes to fashion or clothing, hairstyle, and how they do their daily make-ups.

A confidence and personality that shines.

Girls who have been long in the pageant industry have an observable improvement when it comes to their language ability. Most, if not all of them can converse and can talk to anyone. They are strongly opinionated and will shine in any crowd they are in. They know how to carry themselves and they know how to deal with awkward situation like indecent proposals. They are gregarious people.

I think fitness matters now.

Not really all but some beauty pageant candidates will learn how to value good health. They will learn to visit the gym to maintain their figure. They are conscious on what they eat. They join health activities like fun run and zumba.

Negative effects of beauty pageants

Our bragging starts from here.

Some girls; (I mean some) take it too much if they were able to join one. They take it that they are prettier than those who do not join pageants which I think is a hasty judgment. They feel so unreasonably confident about themselves and turn into being aloof and braggart. They can be proud of but they do not have to brag it that they have qualified.

They became talkative.

They think that if they have the ability to talk well, they can talk on anything they want to. Yes you may!? But your right to express ends when you bump on somebody’s feelings already. Talking a lot does not mean you are right. Sometimes, whatever the situation maybe, most of those who knew the matter at hand have their own opinions and contentions already. Even if you would not talk, or the other way around, the real story does not change.

Their popularity has started.

Candidates might be known because of advertisements, news, or any social appearances where they get to be introduced or they do it by themselves. However, not because people heard about you and people know you by name do not also mean that people are glad to meet or know something about you. Some are not really interested and do not care to know anything about you.

They go party, party!

Beauty queens are not party girls. They are sociable because it is a part of their work or responsibility to attend significant gatherings. However, candidates who did not make it to be winners often lead to a lot of partying because of invitations from people who would love to be with them maybe for a date. I think it is one way to sugarcoat losing a pageant that everything is fine now.

Author: gaucallantajr

Gau Callanta Jr. is a beauty pageant walk and talk trainer. He teaches proper walking posture, speed & ambiance, head & eye movements, stage strategies, and on how to answer pageant questions. Contact him for training (Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.) or purchase his PDF pageant question and answer reviewer and manual by texting at (+63) 920 236 7033 or at (+63) 956 864 3925