5 Conducts of a Beauty Queen

Beauty Pageant Code of Conduct is a must to all pageant beauty queens and even candidates. This would help you stay longer in the pageant industry. Attitude matters here. This falls under the fashion and entertainment world and we know how this world works. People would not like a goddess with an awful and an unkind heart.

Being a known beauty queen is like being a social star like that of any artists in the entertainment industry. Your life becomes part of the public and you must be ready to lose your privacy.


On the other hand, there are things that you might want to consider as privileges and honors that you may enjoy like that of a VIP chair awaiting for you in any social occasion or an unexpected number of followers and supporters who would be so glad if you saw them waving their hands towards you.

But aside from those advantages or disadvantages of being a beauty queen, you have to live in ideals that the people in the industry and the whole society expect you to be. These are somewhat associated or part of a larger scope known to you as your roles and responsibilities. I will term them as Beauty Pageant Code of Conduct.

Here are the top 5 things a must for them to remember and they have to follow:

  1. Be nice to everyone all the time: to the people and supporters, and especially to those who are part of the pageant industry. No matter how beautiful and perfect you are today, you will always be replaced by younger and prettier ones, but the people in the industry i.e. make-up artists, pageant coaches and handlers, choreographers, stylists, and the directors will stay longer as long as they want to. They are residents, you are just a passerby.
  1. Be careful in accusing a pageant director to be involved in some cheating or fraudulent activities. Oftentimes, their professional fee is at least twice or thrice the title prize of the winning candidate. They actually do not need any partition or money coming from anyone.
  1. Once a beauty queen, you have to serve your purpose to everyone not only to those who are supporting you but also to those who are against you or to those who are favorable to other candidates.
  1. Beauty Queens are not welcome to order any men’s drink nor smoke at any given time and place nor see their presence in public disco or bars or in any places that do not give high importance to decency and delicacy plus, to see them with people of questionable reputation to avoid malice and scandal, and protect their reputation as a role model.
  1. The candidate or beauty queen must be loyal to her handler or make-up artist. No matter how good you are nor you have learned some new and advance lessons from other else, it is your handler or make-up artist that first believed in you and ignited your pageant career.

Winning the crown does stop the entire beauty pageant show, but it starts you wearing the crown. A crown is a symbolic piece of majesty and royalty as well as your roles and responsibilities to the society you and your crown are serving in.

These top five and basic code of ethics to a “would be” beauty queen or a beauty queen would save you from harming your reputation and keeping the respect of everyone.