How to Become a Pageant Coach

How to Become a Pageant Coach is a personal journey of a pageant coach on how he started to build a clientele.

Some candidates could not help but asked how did I started to be a ramp and question and answer trainer specially that I am a guy. Maybe, it is really unusual for them to see a guy teaching and coaching girls joining beauty pageant contest on how to walk and on how to talk and deal with pageant interview questions.


My interest in beauty pageants did not started as early as others. Since I was the student president of the entire university where I am studying, I had to spearhead all kinds of student activities in the school. I had the chance to lead my team and be a working committee together with a professional pageant director for the Miss University Pageant. From that, I learned some basic things about beauty pageants and has developed a love for beauty.

I am a language teacher by profession in a special science high school after I graduated. My fellow teachers would asked me to answer pageant questions for our students who would be representing the school for a beauty contest like Miss STEP for Technology and Livelihood Education subject and Miss ROYC, an annual pageant as part of a city, regional, and later on, a national science fair.

The students would often request or invite me for an overnight stay in their areas for an extra coaching with extra fees and with a VIP room. With all the effort and passion I put onto my work, plus the fact that my first three clients won regional titles and the fourth one won in a national level high school pageant competition, my name resounded to other students as a good pageant coach.

I think, one of my clients who made a record for me is one of my students who joined a professional and prestigious pageant competition in North Luzon, Philippines at the age of 15 and won 3rd-runner up. She then ventured into more pageants and performed very well. Likewise, she became a favorite local model in photoshoots and photo seminars. Now, she is in Metro Manila receiving more offers.

From 2008, I started to receive calls from pageant candidates or sometimes from their parents asking for my services. They would often asked me if I can teach their daughters on how to walk well. I could not, but that was before. Because of the demands, I decided to do some research and actual observations on pageant walking until I am able to guess who would topped the swimwear and gown competition. That was the time I told to myself that I may already teach ramp too because I knew that I had already an eye on pageant walking.

My clientele grew. Sometimes, I get invited to do a pageant talk and pageant walking workshop. I often discussed and focused first on how to win a pageant in the morning and a ramp workshop in the afternoon. Now, I am just waiting for the right time to publish my pageant manual and for me to open a beauty camp or a training center for candidates here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.

5 Conducts of a Beauty Queen

Beauty Pageant Code of Conduct is a must to all pageant beauty queens and even candidates. This would help you stay longer in the pageant industry. Attitude matters here. This falls under the fashion and entertainment world and we know how this world works. People would not like a goddess with an awful and an unkind heart.

Being a known beauty queen is like being a social star like that of any artists in the entertainment industry. Your life becomes part of the public and you must be ready to lose your privacy.


On the other hand, there are things that you might want to consider as privileges and honors that you may enjoy like that of a VIP chair awaiting for you in any social occasion or an unexpected number of followers and supporters who would be so glad if you saw them waving their hands towards you.

But aside from those advantages or disadvantages of being a beauty queen, you have to live in ideals that the people in the industry and the whole society expect you to be. These are somewhat associated or part of a larger scope known to you as your roles and responsibilities. I will term them as Beauty Pageant Code of Conduct.

Here are the top 5 things a must for them to remember and they have to follow:

  1. Be nice to everyone all the time: to the people and supporters, and especially to those who are part of the pageant industry. No matter how beautiful and perfect you are today, you will always be replaced by younger and prettier ones, but the people in the industry i.e. make-up artists, pageant coaches and handlers, choreographers, stylists, and the directors will stay longer as long as they want to. They are residents, you are just a passerby.
  1. Be careful in accusing a pageant director to be involved in some cheating or fraudulent activities. Oftentimes, their professional fee is at least twice or thrice the title prize of the winning candidate. They actually do not need any partition or money coming from anyone.
  1. Once a beauty queen, you have to serve your purpose to everyone not only to those who are supporting you but also to those who are against you or to those who are favorable to other candidates.
  1. Beauty Queens are not welcome to order any men’s drink nor smoke at any given time and place nor see their presence in public disco or bars or in any places that do not give high importance to decency and delicacy plus, to see them with people of questionable reputation to avoid malice and scandal, and protect their reputation as a role model.
  1. The candidate or beauty queen must be loyal to her handler or make-up artist. No matter how good you are nor you have learned some new and advance lessons from other else, it is your handler or make-up artist that first believed in you and ignited your pageant career.

Winning the crown does stop the entire beauty pageant show, but it starts you wearing the crown. A crown is a symbolic piece of majesty and royalty as well as your roles and responsibilities to the society you and your crown are serving in.

These top five and basic code of ethics to a “would be” beauty queen or a beauty queen would save you from harming your reputation and keeping the respect of everyone.

6 Funny Things About Philippine Local Pageants

  1. During every after pageants, we have this what we call “kwentong bayan” (rumors), and it really sounds funny for me every time I hear some people mesmerizing that something unscrupulous happened and if that did not happened, their candidate was supposedly the winner. I consider that their intuitions are always right because of their expertise – to craft their own opinion in favor of their candidate who is their relative not to mention their being first year in watching a beauty pageant.


  1. I also do not understand why some candidates will fight to death and are very competitive. They even look like they value the crown more than the opportunity to become friends with the other candidates for a long time. They are ready to exchange having good memories with their fellow to a piece of minor award scarcely enough to buy them a good phone but not the respect of the entire beauty pageant delegates and the people around.
  1. Why is it that some looks so good but smells so bad when they open their mouth to crashed the reputation of some candidates? I just wished that candidates are also polished with social manners and are innately good but still some of the participants or even previous winners do not seem to show what a beauty is.
  1. Nothing could be so sacrificing than the girls who stay-up late at night to win the People’s Choice Award. Likewise, to the candidate whose family and relatives are ready to spend thousands just to top the Texters’ Choice Award.

Basically, these awards do not have any bearing at all. Although winning minor awards like these will give the candidate the chance to gain a little attention she will receive her award and have that spotlight on her for 15 seconds that had cost her family to spend 5, 000 to 10, 000 pesos for the text vote (Nyahahahaha). The candidate can also establish rapport to the awarding judge because she will have the chance to do a shakehand or a beso-beso (Filipino practice of dumping one’s cheek to the other).

I just hope that no one among the candidates and their family would screamed out loud and go wild if at first they thought that they topped the Texters’ Choice Award but have not because they did not know that on the last few minutes remaining for the text vote, one candidate and her family decided to buy the entire sponsoring telecommunication company. LOL 🙂

  1. How could I forget to mention bringing platoons of clappers. I do understand that, but when a candidate simply raises her one hand or both hands during her talent presentation, I do not understand why these platoons of clappers really have to shout out loud (Wow may pancit mamaya NYaahahaha) (Yes, we got some pancit later). What I mean is, I can also raise my hand and in fact, everyone can raise their hands too! Is it really that difficult? LOL 🙂 What about answering pageant interview questions that neither the host, judges, audience, or the candidate herself who answered it does not understand what she has actually spoken!?
  1. And ladies, please pay your make-up artists, handlers, talent scouts, managers PROPERLY 🙂 LOL! No haggling. Artists are professionals too.

7 Common Pageant Mistakes in the Philippines

Pageant mistakes are normal but not the major or serious ones! Let me talk about some “Top Pageant Mistakes”. Let us enumerate these things:

  1. Judges should avoid clapping nor laughing or showing a sign of agreement or awe to any candidate or contestant. This is to not suggest nor influence the other members of the panel to give a favorable score to the performing candidate.


  1. Judges should understand the awards being asked from them to search and select for among the candidates specially “Best In” awards. “Best in Gown” is different from “Best Gown”. This should be kept in mind by the judges to determine who really is: the deserving candidate for “Best IN Gown”. (The candidate who is the BEST among the other delegates while wearing their gowns or are “INside” their gowns.) The winner must be the one who was able to carry and walk her gown well and not the one who has worn the best and most beautiful gown.
  1. Candidates should never initiate “beso-beso” (Filipino practice of dumping one’s cheek together with the other individual as a sign of friendship, rapport, congratulatory conveyance, etc.). This is to be fair with the other candidates. Doing such is putting your one foot forward outside the parameter line. You are taking advantage of your opportunity to establish rapport to the awarding-judge while the other candidates may not have the chance to do so.
  1. Directors or choreographers never lose their temper nor belittle candidates or anybody else regardless of their reason. Being professional is no different from being kind, punctual, righteous, caring, motivating, inspiring, and lighthearted and most of all, fair.
  1. Money prizes must be unannounced to the public but be shared with the candidates. It is no good to do such no matter how big the prizes are. It may sound that the delegates are there to win the prizes and not for the title or for the cause of the pageant.
  1. Sashes and other awards addressing a candidate should be using “Miss” not “Ms.” The latter may refer to an aged-unmarried-woman or a widow, hence, not appropriate to address to a young-single-lady like to a pageant candidate . So it should be “Miss Congeniality”, and not “Ms.Congeniality”, etc.
  1. A beauty pageant is a competition at the end of the day but winning friends and their accolades is equally important to winning the crown, so candidates must not sacrifice either of the two.

Does Skin Color Matter in Beauty Pageants?

You might have your own contentions to which of these candidates would have the advantage over the other. Yes, truly is. Skin color matters in beauty pageants.

Let me expose to you some ideas that you have to know whether you do have an advantage in joining beauty pageant when it comes to your skin tone.


In the Philippines, local pageants like city or provincial pageants, fair-skinned candidates oftentimes dominate local competitions. This is because candidates who are fairly-skinned are seldom seen in local pageants making them buoyant and dominating and becomes the favorite of the local judges and sponsors.

But in places like in the National Capital Region, a dark-skinned candidate might be an intimidation to the fairly-skinned delegates here. This is one of the reason why a not so white-skinned beauty queen is preferred in the Search for Binibining Pilipinas or any pageant held in Metro Manila.

Further, dark-skinned candidates appeal better for photo shoots and video shoots because of their complexion.

However, the above is not true to international pageants where judges have the time to familiarize their candidates. Here, personality and wit matter most together with beauty.

Since most of the contestant have great personalities and are all witty, oftentimes, the Latina girls are preferred because they are bigger and taller women compared from the rest regardless of their color. Not to mention that they can easily expressed themselves using the two most dignified language, English and Spanish.

Going back. In a capsule, fairly-skinned candidates will be favored in places opposite to their skin color. Same is true to candidates with dark skin are favored to places where people are fairly-skinned i.e. only in local pageants.

To further down the analysis, to remain buoyant and dominating in pageant competitions, difference and uniqueness will be a very big factor to influence your path to the crown.

Ugly Side of Beauty Pageants

Pageants’ Glamour and The Shadows Behind

In every story, there are sides that progress on – the good and the bad; the happy and the sad. Through the camera lens or wondrous eyes, pageants radiate colors so glamorous you wonder just how much it would take to be one of them – exuding confidence without effort, taking attention where they stand. In the bright lights, one fails to notice the shadow that dances with the music of beauty – taking it into its claws, turning things rather ugly.


But the shadow is smart enough to stay hidden. Not well enough to be unnoticed 100% but good enough to defend its reason and convince the public of its undeniable genius. One may see its claws, but their threatening sharpness allows only the brave (and perhaps stubborn) to step up and unmask it with the light of fair play and concrete confidentialities in a competition that should not have its competitors pay for what they should not be paying with what should not be used to pay.

The shadow is of power. He may even have a throne of gold. And his little, charmingly cruel escapades run rampant in the little, humble places we call towns, or even cities – somewhere local. Where the jurisdiction for projects and community programs lie in their power, they see a gaping hole where they can reach out and grab their chosen ‘Barbie Doll’ and put her out there to play. The chance for fame is theirs – all it took was a tiny slip of the hand or of the body to where the shadow wants ‘Barbie Doll’s’ hand and body to be.

Woman: Ambition and Gold

A woman often wishes to be admired and adored in a perfectly sewn gown as she wears a nice pair of high-heeled shoes that make her walk more confidently like she owned the world;in a crown she looks expensive and that makes her feel good. Include the chance for a career, the opportunity for a future where she can use her being beautiful; her being an exceptional model to achieve her dreams and the dreamer is sold. “I’ll make you a beauty queen”, the shadow would say and he does (well, he tries) – for a price much pricier than gold.

Achievement of a Woman; Fulfillment of a Secret

When those who create opportunities and open slots into the achievement of a woman’s dream in a little locality uses the opportunities and slots they create for the fulfillment of their secret (but obvious) desires, the bright lights are not enough to hide away the pieces of freedom that is taken away as their victims’ eyes lose their innocence. In truth, if you just watch a little more closely, you can almost see and even feel the acceptance of surrender to the puppeteers that run AND fund the show.

Before pageants were big, they were small. And in the small towns (and even cities), the shadow is not the only shadow that prowls in its shiny car and expensive Rolex – searching for the next ‘Barbie Doll’, anticipating for the perfect timing, designing the perfect show: masterfully weaving the beauty until the ugly owns her soul.

Transgender in the Miss Universe: A Gender Equality Issue

Transgender Recognized by Miss Universe Org.

Jenna Talackova has made an incredible addition to the running history of the Miss Universe pageant by marking the opening of its elusive doors to transgender from all around the globe. Noted for its incomparable record for celebrating the beauty and grandeur of women, the Miss Universe Organization has made it clear: yes, they are fighting with this world’s battle for gender equality. Or are they?

Transgender and Women are Different


For the many years of our existence we have developed varying cultures; embraced new practices; raised new beliefs and accepted lifestyles which were once upon a time hushed and deliberately discriminated – an expected response when faced with things or circumstances that we do not yet understand. Transgender, in our time (which is now) are continuously gaining rights and privileges; accepted into society and appreciated by its men and women. They are after all, valuable contributions to our existence – a mark of our times. But, let us not forget the value of our women – their undeniable femininity bursting from their hearts, shining from within their female spirits. There is a reason we are born men and women. We have duly acknowledged with respect that the in-between be accepted; even loved. To pit them against our women; to have them share the spotlight with our women in a celebration of our women’s beauty and unique importance is to cross the boundaries even they have set out to build.

Gender Equality between Transgender and Women

Equality is such a big word these days. And just as “a woman who sets out to be like a man has no ambition” it is also reasonable to say that a transgender who sets out to insist that a transgender is no different from an actual woman is taking it a little bit too over the edge – a little too “scarlet”. For equality to be unscathed by the imprints of a terribly showbiz world; an overly advertised sub-reality (which is the way everyone should want Equality to be), the parties involved must realize and boldly admit that equality can only blossom if we acknowledge the differences paved for us well even before our time; it can only grow if we allow for the proper space to be given to whom it shall be given when it shall be given and how; gender equality can only be true to its meaning if we understand and accept that women and transgender women should be upheld in their own limelight, in their own stage: both of which do not belong to the same space.

Miss Universe: Discovery for Womanhood not Transgenders

The Miss Universe pageants paved the way for hundreds of our women to be introduced into the world as princesses and queens; adored and admired by many, inspiring dreams and hopes with a signature wave and a dazzling smile, gaining trusts and loyalties with a straightforward and sincere answer, making hearts and imaginations run wild with a magical twist in a sparkling gown, challenging people of all genders to stand for something – to believe in beauty, sincerity, in the richness of our species and in the magic of our lives. To dull such a genius celebration by blurring and even erasing the lines which define the lasting existence of the Miss Universe pageants as an avenue for the discovery of a deeper, truer truth in our women by not differentiating them from the in-betweens is a heartbreak and a stone hard evidence that beliefs and rights are no longer for the truth of everyone but for the pleasure and desire of some.

Transgender in the Miss Universe?

Let us not turn our backs on the truth; on the unique value of our women and in the unique treasures of our transgenders. They may exist in one world, fighting for one cause but to face each other for a crown in a single pageant is an explosive interlude that will (if not already) confuse and decay the importance of them both.