How to Ace a Pageant

Have a heart in joining beauty pageants.

The most fundamental step in winning a pageant is by passionately joining one. Passionately joining means extending your participation not only through your physical presence but also by your heart and mind. You must join a beauty pageant because you love to not because you have to. Thus, you must have a mindset that pageants are held with purpose and not out of mere necessity. Everything is possible, even winning the pageant, if you invest your heart in whatever you do.

Set goals.


Another tip is to be a goal-oriented candidate. Having a vision of the end is a great way of beginning. Setting goals is important because it gives you a well-directed beauty queen journey. Your goals can be – garnering minor awards, winning the crown, boosting self confidence, improving your articulation, gaining friends, making your family proud, and many more. These goals serve as a fuel that fires your spirit up. Goals are pretty much the impetus that causes you to do better in rehearsals and in the pageant proper. These goals are the touchstones of your victory.

Enjoy yourself in the process.

Don’t stress yourself. Stop pushing yourself so hard. Enjoy the process. You must be free-spirited. Treat the conditions of the pageant as if you’re listening to music. Enjoy the melody. Understand the lyrics as if they were your own. Only then will you appreciate the whole song. The same is true with beauty pageants. You have to know how to put a genuine smile on your face. You have to stop treating the rehearsals as a waste of time but as a nourishment of your skills. Only then will you realize that pageantry is enjoying and learning at the same time.

Enjoying yourself in the process also means making new friends. Not pushing yourself too hard also means not comparing yourself with your fellow candidates. You must stop looking at them as a conflict to your goals but as an opportunity for companionship that could later evolve to friendship. No man is an island, they said. It’s indeed true. Your journey will be more fruitful if you experience new things with other people. Happiness is not something to be kept to yourself but rather be shared with others. Learning, too, is not fun by your own. Experience lingers if it is celebrated with your comrades.

Be yourself.

The only thing that you have as you join a beauty pageant is yourself, so you must believe in it. You must believe on what you have and on what you are. The most basic thing that you could do to be a winner is to believe that you have the capability of being one. Be proud of who you are and you must stop trying to be someone you’re not. Likewise, you must always remember that comparing yourself with other people won’t make you any better. You must accept your uniqueness. Find your own style, and that brand would be your edge among others – your one step towards victory.

Be limitless.

We all have our own limits. You have one, too. However, you must always remember that we should never cage ourselves to these limits we thought were our boundaries. A beauty pageant is an avenue where you can test your limitations and explore the undiscovered gems in you. Always remember that trying something new will give you more benefit than cost. Discovering your skills and limitations is not instant, it is a process. And some activities, like joining beauty pageants, are a significant part of this discovery process. Especially in today’s era when beauty pageants don’t only require you to be beautiful – you should also be talented, intelligent and confident.

Be confident.

After you have known yourself and have freed yourself from your limits, then you have to start showing off what you really got. You have to step out of your comfort zone. Do not let your limits hinder you but rather use it as an edge among others. Show your jawdropping walk, your wonderland body and your sweetest smile without any insecurities. Be optimistic; claim that if other people will be talking to you – it is about you being the best among the rest. Lastly, you have to own the stage as if it was made just for you.

Be contented.

Win or lose – contentment will make you a winner.

If you win, you have to be contented. Winning, whether the title or the runner-up ranks, is already a great fulfillment. Especially, when you know you have given your best and the outcome is fruitful.

If you lose, you also have to be contented. Being qualified to a prestigious pageant already makes you a winner, winning a title, sash or a crown is just a bonus. You have to realize that life is not always rainbows and rose gardens. The time is not always your time. Your plan doesn’t always fit God’s plan for you. However, you still have to be fulfilled with whatever you have been through. Afterall, the experience, knowledge and sportsmanship that you have acquired from joining a pageant already turned you from a bud to a blossoming rose who already knows her own beauty more than anyone else.

Leah Evangelista

The Author, “How to Ace a Pageant”

Things I learned from joining a pageant?

Being Miss Mangaldan 2016 First Runner Up has become one major turning point of my life. Walking the streets isn’t the same ‘walking’ anymore. It is now filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces smiling at you. However, it is not actually about the title nor the fame that is remarkable but it is the courage that the pageant has engraved in me. The kind of courage that makes you grow. The courage that is nourished by support and experience.

Even without the sash or the crown or the title, I consider myself as a victor. A victor that is a learner at the same time. The pageant has taught me that life doesn’t stop in the four corners of your comfort zone. It pushed me to step out and show people what you really got. And I would like to thank every person who believed in me. Life, indeed, has its own ways on bringing out the most beautiful and genuine smile you could ever wear. The pageant had also made me realize that life never runs out of friends and good people to give you.

Having experienced such pageant myself, I claim that a beauty pageant is never a competition. It is an avenue where you enjoy yourself and explore your capability of being limitless. It is a place where you grow and sail your horizons. It is a nursery for blooming friendships. It is a boulevard of advocacy and self-expression. Lastly, it is a stage that empowers a woman. It gives every single girl a chance to save themselves from being stereotyped as weak and pang-bahay lang and gives them a chance to claim themselves as remarkable, confident and fearless.

To my family, friends and supporters, the courage that pushes me to do more roots from all of you. I learned that the most grandiose crown you could ever wear is neither made of silver nor diamond but that of the hearts of the people who truly believes in you. I also learned that a pageant doesn’t cage you to just being beautiful – it encourages you to be helpful. Thank you.

The Author, “How to Ace a Pageant.”

Leah Vinluan Evangelista

High School Pageant Tips

Pageant Tips from a high school pageant pro. Read and learn from what she had to say about your struggle now:

Joining high school pageant is one of those beautiful opportunities God has given to us. It helps in bringing out the inner beauty of a person. It develops self-confidence of the youngsters and ladies, and promotes friendship among the world.

Some people may not appreciate it at first. However, after sometime they will certainly like it because of the thrill it brings out. Participating in a high school pageant is one of the best ways to start fulfilling your dreams into reality. Why don’t you start your pageant career by reading more our articles?


First, you have to appreciate the beauty which came from Above to gain enough self-trust. Getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water, and eating healthy foods are the best techniques to maintain your beauty.

Second, having faith in yourself and proper training are needed. Owning an inspiration would help too. More importantly, make the best out of it. Smile, put your chin up, and just enjoy the show. Consider this as a fun not as a competition.

Third, when you did not make it. Having defeated is not yet the end of your dreams. Always remember that the sky is the limit. It is never a requirement to mourn. I, myself, was lose out in one of the school pageants I participated into. But my pageant mentor taught me the best lesson a dreamer could ever learn; “If you have a dream, you have to believe, in order for you to survive.”, and I want to reach it out to others as well just like I was reached out then. I consider being able to handle defeat the truest triumph there ever was. It is just that not everybody could.

Fourth, you have to manage your time wisely that it would not be a hinder to your academics and studies. Learning to spend money wisely as well would be very helpful not to be too extravagant. Managing is all that you need to learn in manners like these.

Furthermore, make your feet stay on the ground and accept and be thankful of the stuffs you have. Dream big, aim high and follow these pageant tips.

This article entitled High School Pageant Tips is written by Nicole Fernandez of Señor Tesoro Academy of Calasiao, Pangasinan, Philippines.

How to be Confident in a Beauty Pageant

There is no point of comparing yourself to others.  Would the committee decide to accept you as an official candidate if you are just a duplicate of the other candidate? It is time for you to know who you are and what you must do. How did you outweigh the other applicants anyway if you are less?

Experienced Candidates


Experienced candidates can be intimidating but they are also in the same way intimidated to fresh faces. Beauty pageants are fair when it comes to age or how long one has been competing in the industry. It is never part of the pageant criteria. The skills gained by an experienced candidate may not be enough sometimes to outweigh the aura of a promising beauty queen.

It is not actually the years that you have been in beauty pageants that matter. It is the amount of effort to learn the industry. Learn tricks, practice right, read pageant websites, watch pageant clips and videos, learn from trainers, know the criteria, beautify yourself and know how to fashion yourself. With all these, you would become a threat to anyone.

The key is, do something. How often I have seen candidates just starring to their fellow in awe instead of doing something. Girls, do not copy the title holders. You cannot be the best when you copy someone else. You are always next to her or worst, since you are not use to what they do best, you will be the last.

When you copy, you do not learn. You need to learn by doing something you are comfortable at and on your own. Fear is cause by ignorance. When you are not confident, you have a fear. Be it slight or great that is fear. The only thing to cure that is knowledge, the opposite of ignorance. You have to do something. You have to learn. Ask your trainer to learn the walk and talk.  Read from valid sources whatever the things you do not understand. With knowledge and experience, you eradicate ignorance, fear, and lack of confidence. This is the start of your own confidence.

Beautiful Candidates

One or some of the candidates may really be beautiful afar from the others. That happens. But that is not the only one that matters. If you do not seem to belong to these lucky girls, beautify and get dressed. Visit the salon for your hair and nails. A lot of girls are really beautiful or pretty just because they have gotten the fitting style and proper care for their hair.

The next thing to consider is you might want to have a body scrub and a visit to your dermatologist. After doing these things, check your wardrobe. Make sure you always get yourself fine dressing. Not necessarily extravagant but neat, fitting, and catchy.  Hair, skin, make-up, and a good fashion sense will complete this area.

After you have check yourself, I would remind you that beauty is not the only thing in the criteria. We just made the best possible things to compete with these lucky girls in this area. Now, if you think you can’t beat their beauty, beat them with your confidence. Confidence, if you do not know, makes someone really attractive and interesting. Nothing can be much worse than a pretty woman who is not interesting.

Right Attitude

Stop gossiping the other candidates. Remember, you do not have time. Plus, when you gossip them, you put yourself beneath them. You are pushing them upward while you push yourself downward. People often talk about people they are equal to or people they can’t beat.

Make friends with the other candidates and all the people. In reality, friends, memories, and fun are much more important than the crown later on. However, do not forget to compete.

Pageant Walk

One of the most difficult things one has to survive in beauty pageants is the fact that it is being held onstage and doing the pageant walk. That’s it. That is the major consideration we have to take note since most of the candidates alone have this unusual fear and pressure when they are on the center stage with the spotlight on and with the hundreds or thousands of viewers out there.


Candidates are often concern on how good they do the pageant walk and look on the stage? Well, that is the question. And how could that be answered? Practice. Practice with somebody else who has the knowledge on pageant walking and ask his or her comment on how you are doing. He or she may improve or give suggestions that will make you look more beautiful because he or she knows where you should strike that pose and that perfect angle you might not have yet discovered for yourself.

Ramp coaches also knew how fast you should do your walk in various segments of the pageant. And what are the routines (things that a candidate does when striking a pose) that you could do to spice up your walk.

Aside from ramp coaches, relatives and friends would be the most inexpensive resources that you might want to utilize. They may serve to represent the eye of an average audience seated on the bench without deep knowledge on proper pageant walking may give you an excellent knowledge on how you look to the audience. However, you have to take note that their advises are not like that of a professional pageant trainer. Some of their comments or tips may not be necessarily right.

One key you have to consider onstage is that you must learn how to look perfect in your walk even you know that you have violated some basics of ramp or you are unable to execute your routine very well. It is because this is a contest: a one-time parade in the gala where judges are seated and give you a credit for that particular segment.

Prestigious pageants are judged from segment to segment. Just like the Miss Philippines alone, beauty of face (50%) is being judged during the self-introduction of the candidates and then the score sheets are collected before another segment will start. Let us say, the next one is the swimwear competition where beauty of figure i.e. 30% is being judged, after, score sheets are collected and tallied. This time around 10% for poise and personality is being judged while the candidates are wearing their gowns. Then, this is followed by the pageant question and answer portion equivalent to 10% as to intelligence.

As you can see, prestigious pageants system of scoring is very objective. The judges couldn’t drag a candidate down if she wasn’t able to answer in the formal interview and vice-versa or same thing if she didn’t perform well in a certain segment. The same thing happens too, if a candidate did not perform well in a segment then she couldn’t do anything more about that segment but just hope for the best on the next round.

So as a candidate, you must be very best in any part of the segment. Your pageant walk matters, your confidence, poise, intelligence are oftentimes part of the whole package. And all of these rests on how you carry yourself and do your pageant walk on the stage. Practice. Practice right.

Tips on Pageant Walking

  1. When learning how to walk, it is easier to learn the other high heels platform when you start practicing from the tallest stiletto to the lowest possible one like 3 or 4 inches tall.
  2. Wear Weight Strap around your ankle when practicing to make your walk smoother and effortless during the actual performance.
  3. You will need to do squatting exercises to make your legs strong and eliminate the shaking and to improve your body balance while in heels.
  4. Duck walking will give you longer strides.
  5. Perfect your posture first by leaning on a wall then you may start learning how to walk properly. A straight body or posture is the very foundation of proper walking. You can’t start without that.
  6. Minimize and be conscious of your hand movement, it is still part and it is the one that completes graceful walking.
  7. Do not forget to turn your head from left to right to front while walking forward and leaving the platform so as not to make your walk boring.
  8. When you are on the left side of the stage facing the judges then it is going to be “left over right” and the other way around. The forwarded foot must be pointing to where the judges are seated.
  9. Eliminate bouncing.
  10. Do not forget that when you walk, they notice your upper body movement most than your lower. So it is important that you have the best smile and aura of confidence first for you to shine.

Try watching this good video on How to do your pageant walk during the Swimsuit and Gown Competition respectively:

Pageant Walk 101 with Pageant Coach, Wendi Russo

Beauty Pageant Tips | The 101 Ways of Winning a Pageant

Pageant tips you wished you knew before, tricks that won numerous crowns, and tested insights by beauty contest experts.

This contains pageant tips from screening, orientation, activities, practices, pre-judging or pre-pageant, production number and introduction, casual interview, awarding of minor awards, swimwear competition, gown competition, question and answer portion up to the announcement of winners.

Tips for Pre-Pageant activities

Screening tips


All pageants start from screening or audition. The notion that you are going to prepare after the screening is a misconception on how to win a pageant. Yes. Usually, candidates who officially passed the screening have one or two months of pageant preparation before the scheduled pageant night. However, their notion “I am going to prepare for the pageant”, should be corrected earlier. It should be “I am going to prepare before the screening” – and that’s totally different. On the first statement, you have two months to prepare, on the latter you have maybe four months to prepare or so, doubling the preparation for the pageant. The more prepared you are, the more confident and better performance you will have. Pageant is all about preparations too.

  1. Do not wear body make-up. The committee might conclude that you are hiding something and not qualified without that body make-up.
  2. Since a pageant screening is a closed-door and a close-up interview, fake eyelashes and heavy make-ups would not do well for you.
  3. Know yourself, list down the things you want and prepare an explanation for each. Make sure that you know what you have written in your bio-data.
  4. Get a copy of the form as soon as it is available so that you would have the time to check and master your answers on your bio-data.
  5. Give the judges concrete reason why you should qualify and leave them with a feeling that they should let you in. Do not forget to thank them after the interview.

Tips during orientation

It pays to listen during orientations and briefings. As a contestant in a competition, you should know the criteria and how you would be judged because that is one way to know how to win a pageant. If personality is measured by the number of attendance in practices, then at least you would be able to know that every coming to a head is important. You might also consider going to the meeting place earlier than the other candidates to build a good impression.

  1. Knowing the criteria for judging is knowing how to be in a pageant and how to win a pageant.
  2. Having the list of sponsors will give you a huge advantage over the other candidates.
  3. Give a copy of the schedule of activities to your make-up artist and to your family.
  4. Know who the people you will be working with like the production staff, sponsors, and the director. Be careful of not being impolite to them, they may have the power to drag you down.
  5. As a general rule in any part of the contest, be generously kind. When all the girls are beautiful, she who is the kindest remains the prettiest.

Tips during pageant activities

Sometimes, the schedule of activities is also discussed during the orientation. You have to look at this carefully. If there are lots of outdoor activities, then you might considering buying a sun block protection lotion with a higher SPF or Sun Protection Factor. You may also consider taking Vitamin E since your body will need these to regenerate lost tissues from tedious activities of the pageant. Vitamin E will help you stay blooming among the candidates. One of the effective pageant tips is to get noticed. Don’t overdo it.

During pre-pageant activities, it is important that the committee must see the effort coming from you voluntarily. Can you mention a pageant organizer who wants to win a candidate who does not really want to join the pageant in the first place? Like for example, someone joined the pageant because she is the only one who could best represent their place, or someone who was only forced to join by her friends. No committee would ever let that candidate win a pageant without changing her ways and regards about the competition she had joined. Attitude towards the pageant matters.

  1. Be enthusiastic and cooperative. Keep in mind that you have applied to be a candidate in their pageant. You are lucky compared to those who applied but were not chosen.
  2. Be optimistic by all means. Pageant activities can be tiring and stressful and might flare you up anytime without intention in front of pageant staff.
  3. Be sociable, but be cautious. You will meet people you might not know much and ask for your mobile numbers.
  4. Read books about how to present and introduce yourself in different situations. A personality development trainer will be helpful or your ramp and question and answer trainer should know to teach the basics.
  5. Mobile phones are important since this is your communication line, but during pageant activities such as visiting some places, it would be unethical to bring out your phone.

Tips during practices

Practices for the pageant night would be very tiring. Aside from that, since the pageant night is getting closer, the pressure among the candidates is doubled, thus, making it stressful for them – although being a candidate is actually rewarding and enjoying too.

In this part, the choreographer takes his place. All attention should be his and it must be. It is advised that you should listen to the choreographer’s instructions and follow and execute his movements properly.

Being inattentive will not help you. If you do not perfect the dance steps, blocking and routines prescribed by the choreographer, then how would you perform well? How about looking at the other candidates while performing the dance number? Judges would notice that. I would remind you that the place where the judges stay is the best view one can ever have better than the president of the organization who is financing and heading the pageant. So all the movements you make or any form or show of being not confident would be noticed by the judges.

You must be able to dance very well even if you are going to do it alone. Consider dancing well and be noticed out of the 20, 30, or even more numbers of pageant delegates. How did the past winners do that? Do you mind asking for their winning tips on winning a pageant? Most likely, they have their own way tested by their own experience. My advice, listen to the choreographer. Do it right. And dance very well as if the judges are the only ones present.

  1. Look and listen. Once you have done that, it is time for you to execute it so your body becomes familiar with the movement. Knowing the dance steps is different from performing it.
  2. Familiarize the stage platform. Sometimes during the pageant night, there are unexpected adjustments finding yourself in an unfamiliar place. Read lessons about pageant walk so that you will know how to carry yourself and know how to react when you have committed a mistake.
  3. Find a chance to practice the steps while on the rehearsal area with another candidate who dances well.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask the choreographer’s help or his assistant if you do not get the movements.
  5. Practice at home, dance in front of the mirror checking your angles and poses.

Pre-pageant and Pre-judging tips

“Pre judging” is mistakenly often interchanged or associated with the word pre pageant. Pre judging is a day set for the judges or the committee to see and rate the candidates whether in panel interview or in a face to face interview in a closed-door set-up. This is done to select the semi-finalists to be announced during the pageant night so as to save time and make the pageant night show shorter. It is an offset for the casual interview portion. Pre-judging can be done days before or hours before the pageant night, depending on the pageant committee’s decision.

On the other hand, the so called “Pre pageant” is often associated with the Talent Night Competition too. The candidates introduce themselves in their casual wear and then proceed to the backstage to prepare for their talent presentation. Sometimes, pre-pageants are done without talent competition since most of the pageants nowadays prefer to omit talent competition since it is just a waste of time and is just a minor award that does not have any bearing to the selection of the semi-final candidates much more to the top winners. Pre-Pageant sometimes are being held to select and award the different winners for the minor awards. This is done again to save time for the pageant night since the ideal time-frame for a pageant is only 2 to 3 hours, longer than these would make the show boring and tedious.

  1. It is nice to have a good sleep before the pre judging day. This is to make sure that you look fresh since most pre judging in pageants do not allow the candidates to wear make-ups.
  2. A good pedicure and manicure will save you. Some judges are particular down to your nails.
  3. Most candidates who make up to the semi-final round are the ones who know and can express themselves.
  4. A down-to-earth personality will find a slot for the semi-final round.
  5. A show of interest and determination to win will convince the committee or the judges to let you join the semi-final candidates.

Pageant tips during the pageant night

Tips on Production number & self-introduction

If I would be asked, “What is the most important part of the competition aside from the question and answer portion?” it would be the very first part where the candidate would show up themselves and oftentimes, that is the production number and self-introduction.

This is the part where everyone is very attentive including the judges. It is just natural that all are excited to see the participants or candidates on the first part of the program. One technique is to dominate the production number by being the best dancer. This is when the judges would choose among the candidates who would their bets be. Judges are humans, they too have their bets. But whoever their bets may be, are determined during that night since the judges are invited from other places and this would be the first time for them to see the candidates.

Once the production is over, they have already chosen their bets and are somewhat affected by this. In short, bias among the judges has grown a little. It is not that they are not professionals, but what I am trying to point out here is that they, too, are humans. My pageant tips? First impression lasts and hardly there is for second impression.

  1. Dance very well.
  2. Master your tone, accent and rhythm for your self-introduction.
  3. Never look at the other candidates while performing.
  4. Yes, you look at the audience, but after looking at them, you stick your attention to the judges.
  5. Practice the production segment at home to ensure mastery.

Tips on how to pass the casual interview

Most pageants nowadays do not include the casual wear competition with casual interview segment. However in rare cases, we have this part. The purpose of this segment is for the judges to select the top 8 or the top 5 candidates out of the 20 or 15 delegates. This is a qualifying round to assure the committee and the judges that they would have the best set of choices for the top 5 or 3 winners. So, if you have this one in your pageant, then it is the most important part before the final question and answer portion comes. The pageant tip is, you must master your bio-data you have passed during the screening day since this would be the primary basis of the question that would be asked to you by the emcee. If you are not able to give an impressive and confident answer in this portion, you cannot join the final interview nor expect to be in the list of the top 8 or 5 candidates for the selection of winners.

  1. Photocopy the bio-data or screening form you are going to submit to the committee as a pageant material for your preparation for casual interview.
  2. Based on your bio-data, list all the possible questions that you can relate to the information you have provided about yourself; favorite color, song, hobbies, ambition, course and their why’s. How can you describe your place and the people there?
  3. Make sure you have enough session for your own practice so that you wouldn’t sound rehearsed.
  4. Grab the microphone if you know you can answer the question and you are confident. Leave the microphone to the emcee or host if not so that he can rephrase the question for you to give you time to compose your answer. The same applies during the final question and answer portion.
  5. Never call the emcee Sir. Do not stutter and stammer, these two do not have a place in beauty pageants.

Tips for swimwear competition segment

The swimsuit competition segment is where “figure” and “complexion” are being judged. Likewise, this is the time you show your ramp skills and that perfect catwalk you have practice for months especially if you feel that you have not performed well during the production number. For many candidates, they regard this segment as one of the determining factor on winning a pageant by qualifying to the semi-final round.

Yes it is true, one can hardly topped the score sheet when there are plenty of girls who deserve a higher score than you. Your performance during the self-introduction and production number will give you a better standing than what you deserve here as long as you have gotten what I call it as “judges’ bet”.

  1. Don’t get nervous, once you did, your ramp speed is affected and you will tend to ramp faster than the beat of the music making you unnoticed by the judges since you will be staying on the stage shorter than the suggested time for swimsuit exposure.
  2. Apply the 1 second composure in every routine, post, or pivots to make sure you don’t get out of balance.
  3. If you intend to put a body-make-up, make it sure it is light. Once it gets heavy, the judges will already notice it. I still do not suggest lotion to make your skin shining.
  4. Do not go to salon for body bleaching. It wouldn’t work; it should be at least five days or more to give you a good skin tone.
  5. Flowing hair during swimwear competition. Up-dos hair styling are for the gown segment. It’s not fitted for swimsuit competition.

What to do when called during the awarding of minor awards

One of the first anticipated part of a pageant is the awarding of the minor and corporate awards. This serves as the basis of most of the audience “feel” of who would be the top 5 winners. Although candidates are reminded that it has no bearing on the actual scoring to have the set of final candidates, it is somewhat intimidating and scary not to have even just single minor award.

Candidates who are awarded on this part are actually highlighted and this will leave an influence to the judges.

  1. When called to receive an award, do not forget to clap for yourself and put your right hand on your heart and bow slightly.
  2. Do not hesitate to offer a shake hand. It does not matter who would initiate it. Do not forget to say a line of gratitude like “I really appreciate this.”
  3. Help or guide the awarding figure that is the sponsor or judge on how to put your sash. Some are not knowledgeable on where to put the sash on you. You can help them get through their dilemma.
  4. If you receive several awards, do not hesitate to turn it over to the pageant staff. However, be safe to leave checks and certificates in your hand.
  5. Make it sure you fix the sash or sashes on you. That is one way of giving respect and high regard to what you have received.

Tips for gown competition segment

Candidates perceive the swimwear competition and the gown competition as equal in bearing when it comes to winning the contest. Figure and complexion which are being judged during the swimsuit competition are usually heavier or have bigger points to the total score of the candidate to qualify for the semi-final round than poise, elegance, and personality which are being judged during the gown competition.

However, despite the difference, the gown competition can never be underestimated because this is the time when judges are ready to forget about their biases and become more observant, objective and fair to finally decide who really are fitting to be the top finalists.

Gown ramp is not just pose and poise but it is all about easiness and comfort while you walk your gown. Head movement and simple but elegant routines are suggested to ramp trainers.

  1. Never hold your gown unless there is something there that is really meant to be held by your hand.
  2. Do not presume that judges don’t see you when you look down to see what you’re walking through but keep up your jaw and your whole face upright.
  3. Gown walk is not always slow; it will always depend on the chosen piece by the pageant director.
  4. When you practice ramp with your trainer, make sure there is balance of learning. Oftentimes, swimsuit walk is given priority than the gown walk. Swimsuit walk is much more difficult to perfect because of the catwalk. The candidate during the gown walk should however concentrate to make sure that she walks with ease and comfort. The sound created by the contact of the high heels and the floor should be minimized if it cannot be totally avoided.
  5. When doing the gown walk, pretend that you are wearing the crown. It is effective according to most trainers.

Tips for question and answer portion

The pageant questions and answers segment is one of the two determining factors for the top 5 candidates and their ranking. This is the portion with the highest pressure though this would only be experienced by the top 5 or 8 candidates. There are ways on how to answer pageant questions and impress the judges by knowing what is in common to pageant answers that have won the crown.

  1. Answer from the heart. You cannot give a better answer to pageant questions than what comes from your heart.
  2. Stay focused and listen to the question very well.
  3. Do not grab the microphone from the host if you think you do not have a good idea of the question being asked or else the host cannot rephrase the question for you to have some time to think and compose your answer.
  4. Speak using the language you are comfortable in moments that you are very nervous.
  5. Wait for the host to say “Thank you” before leaving.

Announcement of winners

This part is knowing if it’s your night or not if you are still in the competition. Though oftentimes, top 5 candidates are already winners but have to be arranged according to their scores’ position in the tally sheet.

  1. No matter what, do not leave the stage if you did not make it to the semi-final round or to the top 5 candidates. Give due respect to the decision of the judges, to your pageant sponsors, organizers, audience, and to your fellow candidates especially to those who won. Execute sportsmanship.
  2. Remember the saying, “Different judges; different girls.” Do not be bitter. It just happens.
  3. Hold hands with the other top finalists. It’s a sign of professionalism in pageantry.
  4. If you won the crown, do not leave the stage right away, be accommodating to those who would love to take a picture of you. Do not forget to thank the judges, the organizers, and the people.
  5. Of all the people, your make-up artists or your trainer deserves the highest recognition and your gratitude. Share the light.

You have just read the different pageant tips in every part of the pageant. Aside from the pageant tips above, the next are tips too that you have to follow which I have learned from being a beauty queen maker for almost a decade here in the Philippines.

Other pageant tips

  1. Ramp time is every time.
  2. Never look down.
  3. Don’t mind the other candidates.
  4. You shouldn’t go “battery empty.”
  5. You won’t lose anything believing in superstitions:
  6. Your tag number should not touch the ground.
  7. Wake up facing the right side of your bed.
  8. Don’t break anything. d. Never go back and forth when you leave.
  9. A beauty pageant is a competition, not a show.
  10. Expect cold shoulders.
  11. Dance and spread your hands.
  12. Focus on the judges.
  13. Use the bathroom before the pageant.
  14. Know how to win a pageant.
  15. Move once in a while.
  16. Know your sponsors.
  17. Some pageants start from the screening.
  18. Practice right.
  19. Wear heels a day before the pageant.

Pageant secrets

  1. The crown looks for a naturally elegant girl to fit into.
  2. Beauty, Movement, Intelligence, and Confidence will mean crown.
  3. The stage is not a place to perform. It is a place where awarding is being done.
  4. The Title “Best in Gown” is given to the girl who walks with most ease.
  5. The Title “Best in Swimwear” is given to the hottest girl who is most “comfortable” to look at.
  6. The girl who answers questions on the tenth-time gets the “Best in Casual Interview”.
  7. A candy may cost a vote for “Miss Congeniality”.
  8. Being early means “Miss Personality”.

Pageant reminders

  1. Never call the emcee “sir.”
  2. Know all When to say “That’s all. Thank you.”
  3. You answer right away by repeating the question in declarative form.
  4. You answer in complete sentence.
  5. If the emcee asked you a “yes-or-no question,” he also would like to ask “Why?”
  6. If you were asked, “how are you doing?” do not return the question.

Read more now on pageant interview questions  to make you more confident and comfortable during your pageant night.

Do not let these opportunities of learning the art of pageantry pass by without you knowing.

Gain advantages by being knowledgeable about the advantages and strategies offered here.

By now, it is needed that you follow these pageant tips in order for you to have a good fight for the crown.

How to Answer Pageant Questions

How to Answer Pageant Questions gives us well-define steps and clear guidelines on how to give an astonishing pageant answer.

Answering pageant questions is not just answering, “What can you say about this?” Although generally, the questions sound like that, you must remember that you should not answer it as if you are just casually giving your opinion. (that is why this question and answer portion is termed as formal interview too, and it is different from the casual interview segment being injected by some pageant committees if they have not done a pre judging selection for the top 10 candidates) So in all times, answer it with all grace.

How to Answer Pageant Questions gives us well-define steps and clear guidelines on how to give an astonishing pageant answer.

How to answer pageant questions? What makes a beauty pageant answer, win crown? are vital questions one must know to win a pageant.

How to Start Your Answer


There are some short suggested guidelines you have to follow if you don’t like messing up during the ‘demanding’ question and answer portion as it was described in the Miss Universe 2011.

The first one is, as much as possible if it does not sound awkward, you have to repeat the question asked in its declarative form, i.e. (not applicable in all questions)

“What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in our society today?”

Your answer should start like, “The relevance of a beauty pageant in our society today is…” This is to assure the judge who asked the question that you are answering it as exactly as how you were asked. (You are already building an edge over the other candidates who have not done this).

In addition, this is to make sure that the other judges who were not able to hear the question because of some technical issues or were quite busy scoring the other girls would not just give you a “fair-middle-score” because they do not know the question you are answering. Moreover, the best one is, you as a candidate do not have to worry on how you would start your answer. You just have to compose the body of your answer rather than focusing on how you will present your answer. Just observe the pro, they do it that way.

Second, do not make unnecessary introduction like greeting the judges just to save you while you are thinking for an answer. That is a “give me a break” –  an old “alibi” and the judges already knew that. However, if you feel that you have to greet them, well, there is nothing wrong if you show some kind of politeness. Make it sure you do it quickly.

Now that I have given you a short background on how to answer pageant questions, let us go answering, “What makes a beauty pageant answer, win crown?”

The Kind of Answer That Wins

First, the judges are expecting an answer with the highest social value and ideal. You are a “would-be” beauty queen who would serve as an epitome of beauty to the people and would be representing the state or the country your pageant title is serving. Therefore, it is necessary that the judges must see your sense of responsibility to the community.

What kind of answer do I mean? Let me illustrate it with some pageant questions and answers sample.

If you had to live your life all over again, what part of your life would you change, why?

None, I would not change even a single scene in my life. I am because of what I have been through, changing any part of my life automatically changes my definition as a person, and I do not want that to happen. (In short, it means ‘Contentment’. I think our current Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes has the same concept of answering such question)

If God will grant you one wish, what would it be?

I wish to God that from now on, no one in this world should ever be hungry because of being poor. It is an awful fact to accept that the world has been very busy in its luxurious living while hundreds, thousands, or probably millions of beggars tonight are still out there in our streets waiting for alms. (Social responsibility and emotional appeal will have a nice impact.)

If you will be winning the crown tonight, what will be the very first thing you will do and why?

Regardless of winning or losing the crown tonight, the very first thing that I will do is to thank God. Nothing could be much more important than offering my achievements and thanking God, who is the source of all things beautiful. (She answered more than what is expected. The judges might be expecting ‘thanking God’, yes, that is basic (though some still messed up by saying ‘thanking my friends, etc’.) but the candidate corrected the question and assure the judges that she is ‘God-fearing’ by saying, “Regardless of winning…”)

The second and last pointer would be, make it sure that you deliver the answer with an “impact” towards the judges! They are the one who will give you the score and have asked you the question and not the audience.

Having a quick mind and a heart for service to your fellow men is a requirement to produce the best pageant answer with high regard to the highest social value and idealLikewise, it is suggested that you study the pageant interview questions for you to fully understand them. Here is a separate article that further discusses how to answer pageant questions.

How to Get an A in Q & A

If you came to the part that requires both brain and heart, would you be able to choose the right words to say what you mean and mean what you say? Would you even be able to make a point? If you had to answer to: “What is the one big mistake that you did in your life and what did you do to make it right?”, will you give out utter brilliance or utter disappointment? The battle for the crown requires more than just good looks and a flattering figure. It requires just the right amount of intelligence and reaction.

Worthy Conversation

In dealing with beauty pageant questions, you answer to the crowd, the judges, the nation you represent, the media and yes, the world. Before you even think about impressing the masses or getting the message clear that you are simply keeping it real, it is essential to make “making sense” automatic. Boy Abunda, Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) talk trainer has made it clear on how to answer pageant questions: you shall never ever forget that the Q and A portion is a conversation. So as you listen (never forget to listen), be certain that you have heard the point of the question. From here you must be able to understand its concept, digest your situation and give an appropriate response. A conversation only ever works if you did not answer “Red” to “Where do you live?”

Know who you are answering to, what needs answering and realize that you have just the answer to give. Be smart, be quick – you only have a few seconds to convince.

Shed a Tear Not a Fountain

Women have the talent for showing their emotions and gallantly parading them without boundaries. Pageants involve women. Many times, questions have pulled on heartstrings – pulled hard enough that the candidates feel the need to cry. You are welcome to feel; to envelope yourself with the comfort of raw emotions – but to have them govern you on stage or worse (which is to use them for the purpose of earning the hearts of your sentimental audience) is unacceptable. Make it warm, sufficient and short enough to communicate your emotions and express the truth of your heart.

Keep it real. Feel. But don’t let yourself be thrown into a dramatic moment where you have your tears or overwhelming sense of fulfillment for being there speak for yourself. Be certain that answers are better explained with words. 

Own Your Brilliance in A Major, Major Way


After all is said, done and taught, the success (or failure) of the Q and A depends on you, dear candidate. In the many years of beauty pageant competitions, it has become evident that no two candidates are the same. A question can lead to so many answers (and more justifications) to have one person decide what is wrong and what is right. So yes, the Q and A portion present limitless possibilities. Take it as your chance to shine as to illuminate not blind your audience. Have them go “Woah!” and not “What?”

Should you be asked with: “What is the one big mistake that you did in your life and what did you do to make it right?” – let us hope that the next few seconds of the question and answer portion where you are finally given the microphone to speak your truth, your heart and your mind is in to it.

So talk the talk and prove your brilliance in a major, major way. A major, major good luck to you!

Here are two video from the Binibining Pilipinas pageant questions and answers seminar lead by Boy Abunda (2012) and Korina Sanchez (2013). Just click the link below, you will surely learn a lot from them, just be patient when your internet connection is slow:

A. Binibining Pilipinas 2012 – The Road To The Crown

B. Korina leads Q&A workshop for Bb. Pilipinas

How to Win a Pageant

Learn the tips on how to win a pageant now or lose the chance of being crowned!

Before or even you are already in a beauty pageant competition, you will always find yourself searching and asking these questions; “How to win a pageant?”, “What are the things that I must do to win a pageant?”, “ What are the things that I must know to win this pageant?” or “How could I win this pageant?”.

Below is a very long article to answer your questions. Because there is no shortcut or no short answers to these questions. It is a comprehensive article containing tips on how to win a pageant.

A) Consider Things Before Joining


  1. Do the reporting at school whenever there is a chance. This is an avenue for you to develop your speaking skills.
  2. Join the student government in your school. This exposes you to great personalities to whom you can learn from.
  3. Take good care of your health and beauty. You will never win without that.
  4. Join a dance or performing arts group. This enhances your body movements which will help you improve your poise on the stage.
  5. Attend as many social gatherings as you can. This will test you how comfortable you are in carrying yourself within the crowd. Make it sure you stand out of the rest as if you are competing against all of the people there.

B) Things You Must Have

Before joining a beauty pageant, it is necessary to meet some requirements or standards before pushing into it. Or else, the other candidates will be ahead of you from the very beginning or worse, you will regret why have you not discover this article long before. Here are five must-have to be a beauty queen:

  1. Do you have the beauty?

Physically, you really have to be more beautiful or prettier than the other girls. I know that you know how you stand in the presence of the other candidates. You can see that, feel that, or hear that from what other people are talking about. It does not matter if you have a fair-skin or dark-skin.

Once accepted and seen your fellow candidates or learn about who would be your competitors, evaluate right away if you are going to push or withdraw your application. Be honest to yourself.

  1. Do you have the confidence and the intelligence that both stems from knowing yourself very well?

Know yourself. I mean can you answer all questions that ask your opinion? Are you that strongly opinionated in all matters? If yes, then you are almost ready to win. Confidence and intelligence is greatly caused by being strongly opinionated in all issues be it about yourself, (Who is the most influential person in your life?) or about others (How can you help women advanced their rights?). Confidence and intelligence help and add your physical beauty to be more stunning out of the rest of the applicants.

  1. Can you follow a dance step very well under time constraint?

Pageant is known to be grace and poise under pressure. You have to look fresh in all angles even after a dance. So, can you manage to genuinely smile even right after the end of your production number? If you look tired, does it show or you can greatly hide it? Well, it would be better to have a good stamina then to do and finish the different routines, pivots, and turns. Do exercise like jogging so you don’t get easily tired and look tired as well. In that way, you do not have to pretend or hide anything. And usually, those who can dance well can walk well.

  1. Do you have any talent ready to be presented?

Rush practice lowers your chances to making impression. If, you have joined a pageant that requires and assumes that all of their candidates are kind of a singer, dancer, violinist, pianist, magician and other some tricky and entertaining personages, well, good luck to you. (LOL)

  1. Do you have enough budget to make it through?

Joining beauty pageant is expensive. It can make you broke specially in small pageants that do not draw attention of sponsors. You will end up renting or buying your own clothes. My advice? You do not have to win small pageants in order to win big pageants.

As what I have observed, there are three types of candidates who always find place or slot for the semi-final cut-off i.e.

  1. The candidate who can best expressed herself compared to the rest of the contestants;
  2. The candidate who has or who shows the greatest interest or determination to the committee that she would really do everything to make it to the top; and
  3. The candidate who appeals to be the most kind and down-to-earth among the rest. Remember, when all the girls are beautiful, the most kind will seem to be the most buoyant among the candidates.

My advice, be all of them. If not, be one of the three.

C) Five Questions to Answer

Before joining a beauty contest, you must be able to honestly answer the following pageant questions and answers:

  1. Why are you joining this contest?

If you cannot answer this yet, think about it. Why are you really joining this contest? I am sure you have many reasons.

  1. What is your edge over other applicants?

If you know the role and responsibility after winning the pageant you’re into, is not that a good advantage or edge over the other candidates? Being sure of what your joining and aiming for? What about your college course or your profession? Can you figure it out on how to make it an advantage over the other candidates?

  1. What do you think would be your role if you win the title?

I would not like an applicant who do not have any idea of what would be her role if she wins. Candidates who do not have time to know about the pageant but only after prizes, popularity, and exposure.

  1. How can you promote us?

Pageants are there to search for somebody who can serve as official representative or promoter of a certain sponsor or state. Not knowing who is behind the pageant’s existence is not a good impression to those who would be screening you who are usually official representatives of the pageant financers or sponsors.

  1. Can you tell us something about yourself; your character, ambition, hobbies, interests and your family?

This is supposed to be the easiest. It is all about you. How can you not answer this well? If you cannot, maybe it is time for you to think if you are really sure if you do want to join the pageant and win. If yes, then please make sure that you have passed the first five questions I have posted on B) Things You Must Have to Win a Pageant.

D) Know the Criteria

Knowing the pageant system, sequence, program or whatever they may call it is one of the requirements for you to know to help you win a pageant. These systems are actually based on what we call beauty pageant criteria. These are some considerations that the judges are looking into when choosing the winners. I have observed these in general and are arranged according to importance.

To win the semi-final round:

There are two usual ways on how pageant semi-finalists are chosen. These are the pre-pageant, no-make-up, closed door interview a week or even hours before the pageant, and casual interview on the pageant night or sometimes during the talent night competition.

  1. Maturity or content of your pageant answer.
  2. Beauty which comprises facial attributes, complexion, figure and voice.
  3. Your fluency in English which includes manner of delivery and confidence.
  4. Ramp skills and stage presence that makes you buoyant among the pageant candidates.

To win the final round:


  1. Beauty which comprises facial attributes, complexion, figure and voice.
  2. Maturity or content of your pageant answer during the question and answer portion.
  3. Your fluency in English which includes manner of delivery and confidence.
  4. Poise and bearing during the gown competition.

Any other criteria that will be added will depend on the pageant you are into. You must mind asking a copy of the criteria and the pageant sequence and system they are going to follow as part of your pageant preparation checklist.

Getting the criteria gives you idea where the fight is. Is this pageant giving much more points to ramp skills and confidence? Or is it mainly on one’s intelligence? Do they prefer fair-skinned candidates? Do you really have to be that tall?

These criteria or factors on how to win a pageant might have been itemized, but the presence or absence of each item could not be underestimated on its effect. The judges are looking for someone who is a complete package to be able to serve her roles and responsibilities well as a title holder.

E) Important Suggestions:

  1. Hire a pageant coach for consultation a year before.

Pageant coaches are expensive. That is what they say. Would it be expensive if they offer services that are worthy or maybe more than the worth of every penny you will spend? Practice right with the right beauty queen maker.

Do not go with spoilers who would promise you to provide or will take care of all these stuffs. Is there someone who has a talent in doing your make-up, your dance number, your answering to pageant questions, your ramp skill polisher, and your wardrobe designs all at the same time? Those who just focus on one thing or two are most likely better than those who has a knowledge on all the things that you need.

  1. Watch the pageant a year or years before the season you are joining.

Being there even as an audience will give you a feel and insight of the actual pageant.

  1. Practice before the screening not after the screening.

To ensure not to get rushed, it would be better to start early than late. Practicing after the screening would not amount to much. This is because the pageant you will be joining will have a strict and hectic schedule too and you really do not have much time to improve yourself. You got no time to focus specially on dealing with Pageant Interview Questions. This lesson entails time and focus to master it.