Beauty Contest Speech

Beauty Contest Speech delivered at the University of Pangasinan. Read and grasp idea on how will you write your own.

Almea Doisse Manzano Dizon

This is a beauty contest speech delivered on January 25, 2013 during the Miss College of Social Sciences at the University of Pangasinan.

I am Almea Doisse Manzano Dizon, your Miss College of Social Science 2012. I have been a pageant candidate since Grade 6. Ever since, I started to grow as a pageant candidate. I did actually stumble many times before learning how to win a pageant like this and serve as a beauty queen. But no matter what, I never give–up even they throw a lot of criticism towards me.


To my fellow candidates that year and that night, I would like to express my longing to the memories we have shared. I am pretty sure that whatever the outcome that night, you have never regretted joining the pageant. Pageant is not all about winning and wearing the crown. It is all about what you do after that night; serving and trying to be the best person you can be to inspire other people to be the best of themselves whatever may happen.

I would like to give thanks to the College of Social Sciences Dean and Dr. Joseph Mejia, Faculty, Council Officers, and students who helped and still helping to do pageants like this. This gives opportunities to students like me and our candidates tonight to learn different values and develop ourselves to be much more responsible not only as students but also citizens.

To the parents here tonight, continue supporting your sons and daughters. No matter what the result is, there is a saying in beauty pageants and among beauty queens, “different judges; different girls.” It is alright to lose because there are no losers in pageants – all are winners. Besides, pageant interview questions are really difficult to answer.

That night, like our candidates, felt pressure in all sides. If it not for the support of my family, classmates, my best friend Reggieric Ramos Recodos, my make-up artist Lloyd Tirso and Arjay Cruz and for my determination to be honored as Miss College of Social Sciences 2012, I would not make it.

And to our almighty God, who is the source of all things beautiful – to God may always be the glory.

Almea Doisse Manzano Dizon, and will always be Miss College of Social Sciences 2012.

Mabuhay and thank you.


Pamela Kae Miranda

Check the pageant speech of a beauty queen after her journey of serving her duties and responsibilities well.

One summer ago, I trod in the same platform, same stage, to experience a once in a lifetime beauty pageant. Who would ever forget the experience that we, the Limgas na Pangasinan 2013 candidates shared? It’s been a year already but the emotions I have felt on that night and the lessons that I learned are still fresh in my memory and in my heart.

As for personal development, I thank the organizers and the people behind this pageant for it helped me develop my personality both in the individual and social aspects of life. It made me a stronger person; facing a bunch of crowd is one thing but the confidence it boosted was enough to help me face the world. Also, I would like to thank my dearest family for their unending love and support. Thank you for always being my strength whenever giving up is like the only option left.

To this year’s candidates, I would just want to share a word or two. The pageant helped me realize that there’s more to being beautiful and giving awe earning answers; the beauty of its contestants is only the facade that the pageant offers but the advocacy and purpose that it instills to everyone of us really defines what a pageant really is. That would be the legacy that this beauty tilt would like to leave; not just finding the most beautiful pangasinense woman but finding the inner; more deeper meaning of beauty that candidates must realize and share: Beauty with a purpose as they say; a purpose of influencing and inspiring others to be better people, better citizens and better pangasinenses.

I, Pamela Kae, together w/ Mara, Charlotte and the rest of Limgas na Pangasinan 2013 candidates, promise to continue to help raise people’s awareness and drive for a better Pangasinan community.

pamela kae miranda

Joanna Marie Tolosa Lee


In August of 2013, on this exact same stage, I was blessed to be crowned as the very first campus queen. At that moment, winning was not really my priority, I was more after the experience since it was the very first and biggest pageant I have joined that time. I was just myself, tried to ignore the pressure and just really enjoyed the stage. But after the announcement, I knew my simple life was going to be different. Being crowned as The First Campus Queen opened doors to so many opportunities. I can say that winning gave me that confidence I needed to join more prestigious pageants and even events that would require confidence and bravery on the stage.

To my dad, thank you for always making me feel loved, always assuring me that you’re just there to protect and care for me. I know that I will always be your princess. I love you dad.

To my brothers, thank you for always being my body guards, always concern of my safety.

To my handler and trainer, mamu, Marlon Muyron, all the lessons you taught me are truly worth remembering. Thank you for bringing me into this industry, without you, I will never know what it’s like to be a beauty queen.

To the event’s organizer, Sir Dave Aquino and company; to Robinson’s Place Calasiao and their staff, thank you very much for trusting me. Thank you for believing in what I can do. Thank you for organizing events for us aspiring beauty queens; because of these events, you’re giving us big opportunities to reach our dreams.

And most importantly, I’d like to thank our God for all of these. All I have achieved in my life is because of Him. For without Him, I am nothing. But with Him, I can be everything.

I, Joanna Marie Lee, will always be grateful being your first Campus Queen Pangasinan 2013.

To God Be All the Glory.

joanna tolosa lee