Miss Mapandan 2016 Screening Requirements

1. Contestants should be a bona fide citizen of Mapandan, Pangasinan;
To be bona fide, one must meet ANY of the following conditions:

a. birth certificate states that she is born in Mapandan
b. a registered voter of Mapandan
c. one of her parents is a citizen of Mapandan which could be proven by the following:
i. birth certificate
ii. voter’s registration or voter’s I.D.

2. must be aged between 16 – 23 years old at the time of the pageant
3. single; has never given birth nor have been through any valid or invalid, civil, legal, religious or tribal marriage ceremony;
4. atleast 5 feet and 3 inches tall;
5. must have pleasing personality;
6. must not have any existing pageant title contract;
7. must attend rehearsals and appearances as may be required;
8. must not have won any national pageant; and
9. must have parent’s or legal guardian’s consent.

Screening Requirements:
a. Bring two-piece swimsuit
b. One sexy pageant casual wear
c. One 4R headshot and, one 4r whole body shot in casual wear
d. Document as required by mechanics # 1 above.