Beauty Pageant Questions

Roles and Contributions

Who and what inspire you to join?

Aside from the people who believes in me – family, friends, handler and makeup artist; it is my on “will” and the (title of the pageant); the pageant itself inspired me to join. I heard a lot about (title of the pageant) that it is the best pageant one can join in the (name of place). It is fun, exciting, challenging, prestigious and carefully done by the most able organizers and directors.

What would you do if you were crowned as________________?

*If I will be given the opportunity to become ____________, my role is to become a Good Samaritan to some unfortunate people. I would be encouraging ladies to join a pageant like this so that they could have the same opportunity just as I have. Likewise I could help promote the (the company sponsoring the pageant) in their endeavor to achieve their goals.


*Assuming I will be crowned as ____________, I would be handling several responsibilities for the (the company sponsoring the pageant). Aside from that, I will have social and spiritual callings.  Among these would be, becoming an ambassador of goodwill, a role model of faith and good works, a portrait of calm and peaceful thinking and action, and last but not the least, an epitome of change – symbolizing the will of God for each and every one of us.

*If ever I will win this amazing and life changing pageant, I am sure that my role would be helping others. It is important too, to set myself as a good example to young people and to the whole community by showing them how a proper citizen should act and strive not only for herself or himself but also on how to help the community grow as well. Because a strong community is the building block of a strong country.

*Good evening. Being a title holder of ________________ is not just about prestige and honor; it is about responsibility. Thus, if ever I will be crowned as ______________, it would be my role to promote goodwill, be an example of gentleness, kindness and faith, and most of all, be a tool of the Lord for spreading His will.

*If I will be crowned as __________ and as an ambassador of goodwill, I will be the best of myself to influence and inspire people. I will carry and bring hope to the people. I will be more than willing to promote (Emergency Phrase)

*Being crowned as ____________ is such an honor and a serious responsibility as well. It means being an ambassador of our town to other places. It means being a representative of (name of the place) itself. Yes, I believe that I can handle that responsibility- that wonderful burden of sharing others everything about our dearest hometown, (name of the place).

In your own way, how can you help in our government’s programs?

Being ambassador of goodwill and with confidence and determination to persuade people, I could help the government to promote (Emergency Phrase)

How can you promote conservation of the environment?

As a beauty pageant contestant with the determination to persuade people, I could promote (Emergency Phrase).

How could you save mother earth in your own little ways?

I will serve as a role model to convince the people to become environment conscious and become points of references of persons who are concern in conserving and protecting the environment; so that people will see their fellows who have the hearts of taking good care of the nature and be inspired to emulate them and copy.

What is your role as a youth in today’s crisis?

As a youth, my role is to promote social awareness to help in uplifting poor societal conditions. Another is joining and promoting programs like this that develops one’s personality like confidence and self- esteem helping someone to achieve her or his goals and be able to be of use to the community as a future professional like being a nurse, a public servant or an entrepreneur.

What can you say about the ongoing crisis that the world and the country is facing today? How do you think in your own little way, should you help to handle the situation?

We think that the crises abroad are too big for us to make an impact on it. However, small contributions to society actually contribute to a bigger cause. A good example would be paying our taxes, although not immediate, portion of it are used to help our fellows. On the other hand, we can directly provide help too by sending donations in cash or in kind to foundations that provide assistance to our fellow citizens. Let us remember that however small our individual efforts are, when all of us act upon it, it becomes a giant wave of help and support.

What advocacy do you want to promote to the society?

I should be more than willing to promote any green peace movement seminars in educating the public on how to save our environment that is essential to our existence and life. Without a bounty natural resources and a healthy place to live in, the next generation that the world would have – would not have what supposed to be theirs.

How could you help the youth today?

I want to revolutionize information technology, internet entrepreneurship, marketing, and business to the youth. I want to open up the idea that early as it may, young people or student like me can help. We all know that we are in difficult times and achieving financial freedom must be learned at a young age to become independent and helpful to our parents and to the society we live in.

What is the biggest challenge to the youth today?

The biggest challenge to the youth today is on how to respond to the challenges of the 21st century- that is being able to hold on to what you believe is right; to live, enjoy and inspire people to continue living with the upright morals and assuming some serious and key leadership roles such as being a young entrepreneur and becoming a leader to wholesome organizations.

Promoting Places


How would you promote tourism in our country?

As a beauty pageant contestant with confidence and convincing aura of beauty, I could promote our country, through its beautiful atmosphere and breathtaking sceneries, the water surrounding the place, bio-diversified landmarks, and its beautiful beaches have become favorite spot of tourists, travelers, and visiting entrepreneurs who could possible consider putting-up business here.

How would you promote tourism in _______________?

(As a beauty pageant contestant, I could promote ____________ by describing it to tourists and entrepreneurs as…)

It is perfect for me to live in my province located in ___________. ___________ is a place where the peace and security rating is always a hundred percent thumbs up, a place where the historical site and its natural resources are rich and undisturbed, A place where beautiful people live in peace, in love, and in harmony helping one another to achieve the community’s projects, goals and endeavors under the good and internationally outstanding leadership of our officials. A place where people revere and fear God. That is ___________! (My home!)

Situational Questions

Given your experience in this pageant, would you join again if given another chance? Why?

*I would not choose to join again. I want other women to experience fellowship, happiness and lessons, and memories that the Search for ___________ can offer. I do not regret joining ___________ nor bitter; I love the people here, they are our pageant mentors. However, I would like to share the happiness in it by giving the chance to another deserving lady to experience what I have wonderfully experienced.

*Joining this prestigious pageant is a once in a lifetime experience and is very important for me. The experiences we had here cannot be bought. So I am doing now my very best, together with my prayers, to win this so that I won’t need to join again.

*Yes. It is a rare opportunity for me to check again how far I have grown and how far I have developed: a chance to know other girls again and see different perspectives by seeing how they handle life. Learn again how we should handle stress, how we should handle ourselves and how we should deal with other people. These experiences are opportunities and are Gift from God. And after all the things that _______________ has offered to us – I could not say no if there is an offer or chance to do it again.

Would you rather be smart or sexy?

If I would to choose between being smart or sexy, I would rather be sexy. Being sexy is more than what our body says. “Sexy” for me, means cleanliness in body and spirit, pureness in heart and soul, and goodness in actions and deeds by working, serving, and helping fellows. With those traits and definitions of a “sexy” person, I believe that being sexy is much more desirable than just being smart.

If you are given the chance to talk to Mr. President, what would you say?

If I were given the chance to talk to the president, I would ask him what his plans to the youth are – being the lucky one to talk to him as the representative of the youth. Equally important, I would ask him what are his plans and projects for the Province/State of (name a province or a state) especially here in our hometown (name of place) as the (title description of the town i.e. Bangus Capital, etc.) of the province.

If you are given the chance to talk to the whole human race, what would you say to them?

If I were given the chance to talk to the whole human race, this will be the greatest avenue and opportunity for me to campaign in extending a hand in uplifting poor societal conditions. Likewise, talk on things that will benefit one’s life, family, society, nation and the human race especially when it comes to promoting entrepreneurship and businesses to provide jobs to thousands of (Name a nationality or a race) who do not have jobs yet.

If you are to time travel where or when would you go and why?

*I would like to go to the place and time where Jesus lived. I think there is no other greater glory and honor than to witness and live with Jesus, our God, Whom we give all the praises and glory.

*I would go back to the time when Jesus was born; to see His face, meet the apostles; witness the greatest miracles, and serve Him.

If you were the last person on earth how can you make your life worth living?

If I were the last person on earth, then, that would be the best time to spend my life with all my heart, soul and mind to serve and be with my creator’s tender love and attention.

If someday you get married, how do you see yourself; a full-time homemaker or a career woman?

If I get married someday, I would see myself as a career woman who finds time to find her place and become much more productive to contribute for the betterment of her society as well as to her chosen field while meeting the demands, needs, and time for her family.

If choose among the 3, Miss International, business woman, or a law-maker?

I would grab the opportunity to be Miss International. To be Miss International is a one-time deal; an opportunity that will just knock once in my door to be able to portray a beauty queen who wears the crown in her heart and not only on her head. After my reign, I could easily become a business woman or take up a law course and join the political arena.

If you will rank the following, namely wealth, health, and family, according to their importance, how will you rank them and why?

If I will rank health, wealth, and family I would rank my family as the most important one. Because I could sacrifice wealth and health in a circumstance, but not my family. Second in importance for me is wealth, because I am ready to lose my health, and my personal happiness, just to see my family in good condition. That would be all, thank you.

Given a choice, which among the following will you choose – wealth, beauty or talent? And why?

Given a choice among wealth, beauty, and talent, I would choose beauty. Being beautiful is more than what our body says. For me, beauty is anything that is towards the likeliness of god. It constitutes cleanliness in body and spirit, pureness in heart and soul, and goodness in actions and deeds by working, serving, and helping fellows. With those traits and definitions of a “beautiful” person, I believe that being beautiful is much more desirable than just being wealthy or talented.

What is more important to you, a successful career or a happy family? And why?

*A happy family is much more important than a successful career. Most of the times, we live and work hard for our love ones. And the meaning of life can never completed without a happy family whether biologically or adopted as long as we can call it family.

*Nothing in this world can replace my love for my family. And, a successful career could not guarantee a happy family but, a happy family could guarantee a successful career.

*I want a happy family. And I would not exchange my family to anything in this world because my family is my everything.

Which do you prefer, a male president or a female president?

It does not matter to me if it would be a male or a female president as long as he or she is honest, true and sincere to his or her endeavors to eradicate poverty, as long as he or she is responsible in meeting the needs of the country and become an inspiration and a model employee for the whole country.

If you would be a gem, what would it be?

I would want to be a diamond. It is a gem with the hardest character that it can cut any other gems like that of a person who has a strong conviction and personality. Diamonds are made and shaped by nature over a long period of time experiencing different and painful changes. Thus, like a diamond, a person who faces a lot of trials that made him strong and confident, is beautiful like a diamond.

If given a chance to be one of the judges in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, what question would you ask to the candidates? Why?

If I were a judge in the “The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant”, I would ask the candidates, “What would be your ultimate platform if you are crowned as Miss Universe?”  Through that question, I could choose who has the most responsible, and humanitarian heart for the crown to elegantly fit into.

On the night of your honeymoon, your husband confessed to you that he is a gay, what will you do?

*I have loved him before we were married, and now that we are in the night of our honeymoon and married, blessed and sanctified by the church, I will love him even more – for what he was, for what he is, and for what he would be.

*I would still love him for what he is. I believe that marriage is a tie that no one could break. It is a vow in front of the altar that guides the couple to respect and love each other, strengthening the relationship and ensuring the responsibility of keeping the commitment one has promised in the eyes of God.

Things You Have to Know


What have you learned from this pageant?

To a student like you, what is the importance of a pageant like this?

What is/are the most important lesson/s you have learned in this pageant?

*Pageant like this makes me feel comfortable and confident with myself. It improves my ability to express and be free and fearless with any judgment and comments that will come my way. More than that, pageants like this gives us opportunities to show who we are to the world and what we may do to help and push an advocate or project.

*The most important lesson I have learned in this pageant is that, the moment I start competing and fighting for the crown is the moment I start realizing that I am proud to be (name of people used in a particular place) and also the moment I start caring more for the town. (for pageants in search for a place ambassador)

*The most important lesson I have learned in joining this pageant is to respect our individual differences and thereby gaining the respect of everybody in return and to become a “friend” to everyone in this particular engagement regardless of winning or losing the competition.

What is that one trait of (name of a race) woman that you want to share to the world and why?

(Name of a race) are God-fearing, and the world must know that because of that and from there onwards — a (name of a race) has ALL the traits that woman of other culture and race have and had been proud of.

Among the candidates, who do you find a major threat to you?

I find and consider candidate number _______, ate ________________ a threat to me as well as to other candidates. As we all know and see, she is so reserved, beautiful, and ahead of us in years. So, I believe, she is tough to be overcome by any of the candidates including myself.

What is your failure in life?

I do not consider bad things that happened in my life to as failures. I would rather call them as opportunities as they have given me a complete definition as a person. Failures are nothing but just a stop-over and a platform to check how far you have come.

What makes you beautiful?

I am not just a beautiful woman, I am also a beautiful person. But most of all, I am beautiful because I am a creation of God.

What would you advice to a 7-year old child who wants to be beauty queen someday?

I would advise her to pursue her dreams and discover that there is more to beauty pageant. I would tell her that joining beauty pageants develops one’s discipline and personality. I would tell her that beauty queens are not just there to wear the crown but also to help the community and to become good role models and inspirations of hope to the people.

As a teenager, what do you think is your top most priority?

As a teenager, my topmost priority is my education. This is not just for me, but also for my family and my future family, for the society I will serve, and to God because what we become is our gift to God.

At your age, what is the biggest problem you have encountered and what did you do to overcome it?

(State your biggest challenge or problem). There are things in life that we really do not understand why and the only solution we have is to kneel and pray hard.

Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker?

*I consider myself to be a giver because the more I give, the more I am blessed. Blessings, Happiness, and Love cannot be enjoyed alone but they are doubled when they are shared.

*I consider myself to be a giver. This is how I was taught, that between faith, hope, and love, love which means charity is the greatest of them all.

How can we attain world peace?

Peace cannot be kept through force; it can only be achieved through understanding. This idea contemplates that building world organizations that help to prevent wars among nations through negotiations and bridging the gap between nations are helpful means to attain world peace.

Who do you think is more powerful, a man or a woman?

For me, there is no point of comparison because man and woman are not here to compete from each other, but, to complement each other’s weakness, – and that weakness is, to be completed and loved by the other.

If you receive an indecent proposal during the pageant, what would you do?

If I receive an indecent proposal, the best way to deal with it aside from being indifferent to the person is to tell the organizing committee. This will frighten the person who offered because it will be known by other people.

When you woke up earlier, what was the first thing you prayed for?

*I have prayed for His Blessings: to help me compete with His Confidence; to cleanse me from any pride or personal agenda; to become humble in victory and gracious in defeat and to recognize that there is no greater victory but to glorify Him.

*I prayed so hard for the strength to win and to accept defeat; for His guidance and His wisdom and most of all for His blessings.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gadgets to the youth?

Gadgets make our work easier and faster but affects the study habits of the youths and affects the eyesight, hearing and total physical fitness. An epedemia of shyness, too, has been born to the new generation who usually want to stay silent, and listen to their iPods rather than saying what is on their minds. Plus, they are less attentive in class now and inactive in the society. And so, gadgets usage should be minimized and watched by the parents at home or the teachers in the school.

What is the role of beauty in this time of technology?

The role of beauty does not end-up on this age of technology. This is to show, emphasize, and represent the goodness of God through beauty and that should be more easily appreciated and spread today because of technology.

How important is being good-looking to you?

*Being good looking is very important to me. Our appearance represents who we are inside; how we regard cleanliness and orderliness.  It also shows how we respect ourselves and how we regard and how we command respect from others too so we have to be always good-looking and presentable.

*Being good looking is very important to me. We have to take care and nourish our physical appearance because we are not just humans; each of us is a temple of Holy Spirit because it is in our hearts where Jesus lives. We must always be good-looking and healthy since our body is also a gift from God.

How does our OFW’s contribute to our economy?

Our Overseas Filipino Workers contribute to our national treasury through their dollar remittances and, thus, increase our capacity to transact business outside our country using our dollar stock. Aside from that, our 10 million OFW’s are also an assurance that 10 million families live decently, and far from poor societal condition. Furthermore, OFW’s who will settle for good in our country will surely make investments, consider putting up businesses here in the country, and be able to help and provide jobs to hundreds and thousands of jobless Filipinos.

As a youth, what can you learn from celebrating (name of a celebration)?

(Name of a celebration) is not only about celebration, happiness and fun. It is also a thanksgiving to the blessings we received here in (state the place). It is also an embodiment of the unified people of (state the place) that we, the people here, can unite and be one because of one cause and one love for our beloved place (state the place).

What can you say about homosexuals?

Homosexuals are cool individuals, multi-talented, and are smart people who excel and dominate the world of fashion and beauty. They extend and share their talents to us in many ways. They help to make the world a better place to live in because of their creativity and wide imagination.

How would you describe the color yellow to a blind man since birth?

Physically, we could not describe the color yellow to a blind man since birth, but since we trust and believe them to have an extraordinary ability in sensing and feeling things, let us say that color yellow represents the natural color of light; it represents joy, cheerfulness, warmth, splendor and hospitality. With that, we are able to give him, a very nice and complete definition and description of the color yellow.

Leadership-Related Questions

What is the most important value of a leader?

The most important value of a leader is flexibility. A leader needs to be flexible enough to cope up with our fast-changing world. He needs to be open in new perspectives in the market of ideas so that there is a chance for his leadership to be fruitful and be able to expand his campaign and projects for the society.

What are the 3 qualities that a leader must have?

A leader must, first of all, have a compassionate heart because it is the very foundation of good leadership and service to the needy public. Second, he must have patience since his plans will not grow in just one night. Lastly, he must be visionary so he can discover the numerous possibilities to be of service to his fellow men especially to the less fortunate.

What can you say about the economy of our nation?

Considering the context of our nation and weighing the necessary economic reformation, we could make it, given more time because we produce thousands of eager young minds who graduate every year. They are all potential and future nation and economic builders.

What is a socially responsible entrepreneur?

A socially responsible entrepreneur is the one who considers the expansion of his or her business at the same time considers and puts into his mind as a job provider the welfare of the society. He always takes into consideration the expansion of his business to be able to provide more jobs to the unemployed.

Education-Related Questions

What is the biggest problem facing our educational system?

The biggest problem our educational system is facing today is that we cannot limit the freedom of any student regardless of his or her age to have an access in the cyber world. This may lead in helping or destroying one’s character depending on how one seize and use this cyber information. No one there to watch and oversee our youth on how they will use the internet.

What is the importance of internet? Technology?

Internet/Technology helps businesses to run efficiently with exact science process. Internet/Technology helps organize, store and recover important data in a fast way. These data can be used to further enhance the industry and the society. Thus, the possibility of expansion due to Internet/Technology is not quite far and will, thus, provide jobs to millions of unemployed Filipinos.

Are you in favor that sex education be integrated in our school curriculum?

I am not in favor that sex education be integrated in our school curriculum because this will more trigger the youth to do it by themselves. I think that what we should be focusing now is to wipe out those thousands of sex scandals in the Internet, pirated CD’s and DVD’s, close and ban those bars that allow human trafficking and check the moral values of our songwriters and movie producers. With that, we are wiping the root of unwanted pregnancy, prostitution, and sex- related crimes.

What can you say about cyber education?

Cyber education here in the Philippines would not be practicable. It entails a big amount of money that the Department of Education could use to more immediate concerns like books and classrooms. Furthermore, I still believe that the “touch” of a teacher is still the most influential tool to educate and to inspire students which the cyber education could never provide.

Teen Questions

Are you in favor of pre-marital sex?

I am not in favor of pre-marital sex. The purpose of sex is the marital obligation of a man and a woman who are blessed and sanctified by the church to produce offspring for continuous existence of man and to have a happy and God-fearing family.

How would you help in stopping drug addiction?

I should be the first one who should know the bad effects of drug addiction. Having substantial knowledge about it, I could start an awareness campaign preventing drug addiction in our school and then passing it to Parents-Teachers Associations and then to a larger extent – to the concerned public. I, including my classmates, could start posting announcements, giving flyers, or asking the local public health office to conduct seminars in different schools and barangays about drug addiction.

What is wrong about abortion?

Abortion is the violation of the right to life of a conceived child in the womb of a mother. It is the same as killing or murdering of a living person. Let us value the life of an individual, as children of God, be it an adult, child, baby, or a conceived life in the womb of a mother let us treat each other with respect and love.

Are you in favor of gay marriage?

The purpose of marriage is the marital obligation of a man and a woman to produce offspring for the continuous existence of man. Gay marriage will cost the disruption of man’s continues existence and will result to confusion.

Do you think wedding/marriage still important to you?

*Wedding is important to marriage. It is a tie that no one could break even in the law of man. It is a vow in front of the altar that guides the couple to respect and love each other. It strengthens the relationship of the couple and ensures the responsibility of keeping the commitment one has promised in the eyes of God. So I believe wedding would always be of importance to marriage.

*Marriage is once-in–a–lifetime symbol of everlasting commitment for two people whose love for each other is bound by another force — God. It means putting God as a mediator in everything the couple will do. Yes, marriage is all about threefold bond: The Man, The Woman and God —— for a successful and everlasting relationship. Thank you.

*Nowadays, pre-marital sex, same sex marriage is rampant and is being toyed around. Marriage is a symbol of undying honesty and loyalty to our partners. It is also a milestone we should achieve as a sign of maturity. It is a symbol of the union of Man and Woman which is mediated by God. In our modern time, the true meaning of marriage is being lost, the essence of it forgotten. We often think that marriage only composes of Man and Woman alone, what we fail to realize that it is important to have God in marriage. Without God, a healthy and lively marriage will be impossible to attain.

*Marriage, for me, is not just about two people promising to love each other in front of the Altar. It is about a relationship bound to last for forever. It is about unselfish and sacrificial love. It is about two people making change. And it is about doing the will of God with your partner forever. And because of its sacredness, it is but natural to give importance to marriage.

Is chastity still important to marriage?

Chastity is still important to marriage. It symbolizes purity and total love to one’s partner by staying dignified; free from impurities of a society full of temptations and immoral activities.

How could we help the out- of-school youth?

The best thing we could possibly do to help them is to conduct activities like seminars and workshops that would enhance their entrepreneurship skills. Because in that way, we are helping and teaching them to earn for their own needs and will become independent in their living. With that project, we would lessen poverty, plus, the possibility of successful entrepreneurs and job providers would be there to help others too.

If given the chance, would you join a fraternity?

There is nothing wrong joining a fraternity as long as there will be no hazing ceremony and the totality of the activities is towards the attainment of helping a lot less fortunate people. However, as a student, I believe I have to prioritize and finish my studies first so that I would be able to give my service to a larger extent on my own field of expertise after I graduate.

What should we do about prostitution?

Prostitution in night bars or any other places should be absolutely stopped for it is never moral to a Christian society. It must also be vigilantly watched for it has caused innumerable broken families where the children are the ones who suffer much for the lack of love they receive either from their mother or father.

What can you say about the presence of pornographic materials in our society?

Pornographic materials triggers the youths’ sexual yearnings. They will prefer to read this more than their books or bond with their family. These youths who are into this habit could be addicted to it and forget about their future. These could be prevented by having a total ban for materials that promote immorality that could destroy our youth.

Are you in favor of early romantic relationship?

*Yes I’m in favor of it. Having a caring and supportive partner would both serve as a motivation and an inspiration as long as we know our limitations remembering our parents sacrifices and hoping much from us in the future.

*Entering a relationship is a very nice experience for everyone but I am not in favor of it. There is a time for everything and there are lots of things to prioritize as a student. We are not yet ready to handle such commitment as any untoward incidents may happen. We have already lots of untoward incidents caused by early romantic relationship, so I am not in favor of it.

In your own opinion, when is the best time for a lady to have a boyfriend?

The best time for a lady to have a boyfriend is when she can live on her own i.e. when she is financially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually ready, mature, and can carry the relationship to a long term commitment called marriage. I think that is the right time to have a boyfriend and a good relationship.

Are you in favor of prohibiting the use of cellphones by the students in schools, why?

No, I am not in favor of prohibiting the use of cellular phones by the students in the school. I believe that the students are still manageable regarding this matter. In addition to that, educators could still solve this classroom management issue through diplomatic, gentle and convincing dialogues with the students.

Current and Social Issues


Is the “K+12 program” of the DepEd advantageous or disadvantageous?

It is advantageous to our educational system but I think the Department of Education is not yet ready to move forward. Focus should be addressed to our problems in classrooms, facilities, equipment and most importantly, teacher education first before we can proceed to the K-12 program.

Are you in favor of the re-installation of the death penalty?

Life, the very foundation of existence, is a one-time gift from God. Taking that gift away is a sin.  It is because only God – the fountain of life and source of this wonderful gift, is the only one capable of taking it away. That would be all, thank you.

What can you say about Mamasapano encounter?

The Mamasapano encounter was such a very huge lesson for the government. It exposes how weak our national defense and security that even in our own land we can’t be protected by the government that we have. It might be hurtful to hear it but it is true.

Do you believe that your generation is top selfie-oriented, is it good or bad?

Yes I believe it is. We do selfies usually when we are happy. Selfies bring hope to other people that they too can be happy; that happiness is a real thing and it is existing; that it is safe to believe, and that it is true, that behind every dark cloud, there is always – a silver lining.

Are you in favor of sex change?

I am not in favor of sex change. The primary purpose of our procreative power is the marital obligation of a man and a woman to produce offspring for the continuous existence of man. The physical and emotional differences, not only the sex organ determines the sex. A person who has undergone sex change would not be able to perform the extended responsibilities of a father or a mother to the child. Sex change will cost the disruption of man’s continued existence and will result to confusion. I am not in favor of it.

What is your stand on transgender being allowed in the Miss Universe?

Should plastic surgery be allowed in beauty contests? Why?

Plastic surgery should not be allowed in beauty contests. Beauty contests are celebrations of natural beauty. An act of acknowledging and honoring the beauty that God has given unto us and not of any kind of beauty that technology could offer to us.

Do you think plastic surgery is an option for those who are less fortunate in the looks department? Why?

*I think plastic surgery is an option. Let us utilize the technology that God has given unto us for the betterment of everyone. Changing your look does not mean changing your definition as a person, as long as you remain essentially who you are, that’s what really matters at all.

*If these people are deprived of acceptance and love because of their looks, then why should we deny them the option available for everyone? It is just but right to take care, nourish and beautify our body which is said to be the temple of God containing the heart where Jesus lives. That would be all, thank you.

Are you in favor of cloning?

I am not in favor of human cloning. It is because a baby is made through and out of love, and not of any laboratory apparatuses. For animal cloning, it is okay. This will serve as a free gateway for new discoveries especially for food because it will increase our supply to answer our growing needs.

Are you in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill?

*The Reproductive Health Bill has become an issue to both the government and the Church. However, since contraceptives are being sold now in the market, at least it should be sold properly.

Contraceptives should only be sold to married couples by providing marriage ID’s and any violation must be sanctioned and punished by the law so that the youths would think twice before engaging in pre-marital sex and eventually suffer unwanted pregnancy. If this would be considered on the Reproductive Health Bill, I will be in favor of it.

*As a youth who supports the development of life to the fullest, I am in favor of a safe, healthy and responsible family lifestyle. However, I do not support no favor the Reproductive Health Bill. It is because the said bill is not the solution to overpopulation – the very thing the RH Bill’s objective is. The focus should be on the improvement of the literacy and moral uplift of the country.

Questions to Think About

What is the best quality of a person to become successful in life? Why?

What does a contemporary woman need to have to be at far or better than her global counterpart?

The best quality of a person to become successful is to have faith in God. It is because nothing in this world is perfect or absolute. Our perseverance, our ability and our intelligence may fail us in times of the greatest challenges that we may encounter– but our faith in God will leave us standing amidst everything.

At what point does a girl becomes a woman?

The point where a girl becomes a woman is the time when she starts to be capable of bearing a child. From there onwards, she starts her social responsibility as a citizen and as a woman because she already has the social accountability for her actions and deeds.

Do you want to be different or do you want to be belong?

Today, it would be better if you want to belong than different. There is so much now about differences of culture in the world causing misunderstanding and hatred. It is about time for the world – for us – to belong, to unite, to be one, to help one another, and to all together finish our dreams and aspirations in life.

Word Definition

What can you say about love?

For me, love is an act of doing any goodness to someone free from mental reservation, and regardless and unmindful to the reciprocal response of the other person.

What is “sportsmanship” for you?

Sportsmanship for me is the ability to gain the respect of everybody, to become a “friend” to everyone in that particular engagement, regardless of winning or losing the competition.

What is “skill” / “talent” for you?

Considering today’s context, and world’s condition, the word “skill”/”talent” for me is the ability to do certain things that could help uplift the economic conditions of the country, something that could benefit the needy society and alleviate poverty. That would be “skill”/“talent” for me.

Science-Related Questions

What is the essence of your element fire?

The essence of Fire as my element is non-material or not quantifiable when it comes to effect. It simply means that its importance is immeasurable. Fire was used by ancient people in alchemy or art devoted to discovering a substance that would convert metals into gold or silver. Because of that, and fire as one of the four important elements, hundreds of different chemicals were discovered and thus chemistry was born as a science.

Who among our scientists do you consider the best?

The best scientist for me would be the Father of Ecology, namely, Alexander Von Humboldt. It is because he headed the preservation and conservation of our environment. And that is one big reason why it is still possible to live in this world.

To date, what do you think is the best invention?

The best invention today is the electric jeep because it helps lessen the carbon dioxide level that kills our atmosphere

If you were to become a laboratory apparatus or science equipment, what would it be, why?

I want to be a filter paper, because it serves as purifier and it removes impurities or stagnant negative that hinders development – same as in our society today.

It is said that the language of science is mathematics, explain why.

It is said that the language of science is mathematics because it gives the minimum standard of science. Likewise, since science is a systematic body of knowledge, this knowledge could only be explained, expressed and most of all, realized through mathematics.

What if you are a hermaphrodite?

Recently, many persons have undergone surgical or hormonal treatment to modify their non-functioning sex characteristics and emphasize the sex indicated by those that are functional. This is possible because of science and technology, which I believe, I could avail of.


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