Beauty Pageant Program

Check out a simple, effective and professional beauty pageant program on its system, mechanics, and sequence you can use for your show.

Beauty Pageant Program: system and mechanics

In the elimination part of this beauty pageant program, the candidates will be judged according to the following criteria:


(face value and voice),


(figure and complexion), and


(elegance, poise, grace).

The candidates will be scored 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest in each of the categories mentioned above. The scores of the candidates on these categories will be summed up and averaged.

Pageant Program I

Production & Introduction

Reading of the Mechanics

Introduction of the panel of judges


Awarding of first set of minor awards


Awarding of the last set of minor awards

Intermission number

Only five candidates with the lowest average will then proceed to the final round with two categories called

The Pageant Questions and Answers Portion

to test their beauty and poise under pressure and

The Final Look

to parade again in their swimwear

This beauty pageant program follows the standard scoring. The candidates’ scores in the previous round will be back to zero. The same type of scoring will be applied; one being the highest and 5 being the lowest.

Judges will use fractions of a point in scoring to avoid having tie in the results.


Pageant Program II

1. Prelude


National Anthem

2. Opening

Audio-Video Presentation I

Production Number

3. Acknowledgement

Committee and Sponsors

Introduction of the Panel of Judges

Criteria for Judging

4. Announcement of Semi-Finalist

5. Swimsuit Segment

Swimsuit Fun shoot Audio-Video Presentation II

Swimsuit Competition

6. Awarding

Awarding of Minor Awards.

Awarding of Best in Swimsuit

7. Gown Segment

Gown Competition

8. Awarding

Awarding of Minor Awards

Awarding of Best in Gown

9. Intermission Number

10. Announcement of top 5 Finalists

11. Farewell Walk of the Past Winner

12. Announcement of Winners

Author: gaucallantajr

Gau Callanta Jr. is a beauty pageant walk and talk trainer. He teaches proper walking posture, speed & ambiance, head & eye movements, stage strategies, and on how to answer pageant questions. Contact him for training (Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.) or purchase his PDF pageant question and answer reviewer and manual by texting at (+63) 920 236 7033 or at (+63) 956 864 3925