Anatomy of Beauty Pageants | A Pageant Question and Answer Reviewer and a Total Guide for Aspiring Beauty Queens

Pageant Book

The book is divided into three parts. The first one contains the most common pageant questions and answers. I’ve listed down the popular pageant questions of all time, sample answers and some tips and guidelines to deliver a winning answer.

126 Most Common Pageant Questions
20 Casual Interview Questions
6 Pure Science Questions
12 Sports Related Pageant Questions
13 Common Subjects of Picture Questions
18 Symbols & Meanings of Common Things
9 Pairs of “Chose Between the Two”
11 Generic Phrases That Could Help You

All with Sample Original Winning Answers.

It was a conscious choice to put it on the first part, for I know
that the Q&A has always been trivial and puzzling to most
candidates. I would like to emphasize again that the answers
here are not meant to be memorized nor could it guarantee a
candidate’s chances of winning. These are but sample answers
which I fashioned on how my observation of what the judges
and audience liked in past pageants.

The second part of the book contains pageant tips from screening
to winning. It is basically Pageant 101. It introduces the world
of pageantry; its mechanics, criteria, background, segments etc.

Tips from Screening to Winning
General Pageant Tips
Pageant Reminders
Pageant Facts
General Things to Do
Pageant Walk
Anatomy of Pageant Questions
How to Answer in a Pageant?
How to Win a Beauty Pageant?
How to be Confident in a Beauty Pageant?
Pageant Practices
Judging Criteria and Scoring Systems
Sample Beauty Pageant Program
Does Skin Color Matter in Beauty Pageants?

For first timers, this book – the second part in particular – is very
important. It gives one the necessary information needed to be
in the know and fully understand and win a pageant.

I have also written some issues one must anticipate and how
they should be dealt with. This bit is essential for a would-be
candidate’s protection and security.

Transgender in the Miss Universe:A Gender Equality Issue
Miss Gay Contestants Deserve Respect Not Insults
Positive and Negative Effects of Beauty Pageants
Problems Encountered by Candidates and Coaches
Beauty Queens’ Code of Conduct

And finally, the last part lists down questions asked during our
local, and international main pageants.

Binibining Pilipinas Pageant Questions
Miss Universe Pageant Questions
Philippine Pageant Qualifications

Being a coach, I am with every candidate wishing for a shot at
a pageant title, and my way of helping is writing this book and
giving you fair knowledge of the competition.

Have a copy of the book and enjoy reading. May this book be your guide toward winning.

Gaudencio C. Callanta Jr.


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